When it comes to compiling the most useful tools out there, we have spoken with multiple entrepreneurs. We asked them what they felt was the most useful resource out of the resources that they currently use. Many of them shared their apps and other resources with us. We used their recommendations to compile a list to provide to the public about those resources that can prove to be beneficial to any company. Elianna Hyde takes up the story.

Look through these 14 resources that have been provided through successful entrepreneurs that found that they’re useful to them and have helped them climb to the top. By sharing them with you, you’re now able to find the wealth of information and other useful tidbits that might help you climb to the top, as well.

  1. LivePlan
This is a website that provides the tools needed to create an awesome business plan that truly works. When you have the resources right there in front of you, you can compile the information and then having something that works for your business.
  1. OneLogin
Keep every single login that you have in one place. This is an essential for those that might not want to save their login information on their computer, but want to make sure that they have access to it when they need it. This service keeps it.
  1. Score
If you want full on business advice for free, then this is the website where you can find many retired individuals, successful ones and others that volunteer their time to give this advice to people such as yourself. They also provide webinars for a small cost.
  1. Small Business Administration
This is a great resource for facts, information and a wealth of other useful tidbits for the business professional. The best part about this website is that it is free to use, so you do not have to worry about extra costs.
  1. HARO
This is a great place to connect with a reporter that can do a story on your business. They’re able to get the word out and you’re able to get free publicity in the end. It is definitely a great tool for many business owners to use. If you want to skip the local news station and go with someone that has access to the news outlets online, this would be the place.
  1. Evernote
Make use of this second brand when you take and file notes away with confidence and ease. You won’t have to remember everything that you come across or that is given to you, so you can jot it down and keep it locked up for later. It is also extremely easy to use, so anyone is able to make use of the extras that it provides.
  1. Google Alerts
You can monitor when someone speaks about you online with help from Google Alerts. Anytime someone mentions your company, you get an alert about it, as well as where it was said. You can do this to keep track of your competitors, as well. This keeps you one step ahead in everything that you do.
  1. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
If you’re looking for a resource that you can read, this is a must-have. This is a book that is going to push your boundaries so you’re able to reach those goals that you have without falling behind. Beware though, this book will push you to move forward and test those boundaries to make sure you’re going to be successful in the end.
  1. HootSuite
If you want to make sure that all of your social media is managed in one area, then this is the app for you. This is one of the biggest and most time consuming thing to keep up with these days, but with Hootsuite, everything is done for you with ease.
  1. UberConference
UberConference is a top end online meeting tool. It ensures that everyone stays connected via free calls, no matter where they are in the world. It reduces the costs associated with flying people all over, while also being an affordable stand-alone service. It connects people without worrying about business meetings and how to stay connected.
  1. 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Convey
Do you ever wonder why successful people do? This is a book that shows you how these people got to the top and what they do to make it happen. You can be more productive than ever when it comes to making a personal change in your life.
  1. The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
This book is a must-read for those small businesses that are just getting started. A lot of small businesses will fail and this book outlines the reasons why they do and the mistakes that they make. By reading it, you can get some insight on what you probably shouldn’t be doing.
  1. The Networking Survival Guide by Diane Darling
We forget how to meet and talk with one another. We also tend to forget how to advertise ourselves. This book takes you on a journey through networking and what you can do to really make yourself stand out and network better with those around you.
  1. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
This is the perfect book for the woman entrepreneur that is looking to make it within a busy business world. Women are looked down on a lot of times and they struggle to make it to the top. Sheryl talks about her struggles and how she overcame them to become one of the leading developers of Facebook.

When it comes to getting the most out of the resources that you’re going to be using. These ones can point you in the right direction to be more successful and efficient than you have ever been. You want to strive to meet those goals, but you might need some motivation and a push to get you there. Everyone needs a little something to meet these goals. When it comes down to it, make sure you’re pushing yourself and getting what you need to make it to the top. It is worth it to do it this way.

Author Bio:

Elianna Hyde has been a guest contributor since 2009. She has attended the University of California and graduated with masters in mass communication. She loves watching TV shows, movies and has a keen interest in sharing her views on business and upcoming technologies.