By Daniel Hunter

Nearly 12,000 jobs will be created by the Manchester Airport Group after they announced plans to invest £650 million into Airport City North.

The development covers 65 acres north of the airport terminals on either side of the M56 spur road. The concept is for high-quality offices, an advanced manufacturing district and a location for hotels and other support services for Manchester Airport.

It will feature a 13-acre central park, surrounded by a "‘downtown’ district of distinctive contemporary new buildings and high quality public areas", according to the airport.

“Airport City will attract investment from international businesses and become a catalyst for the wider long term regeneration of Wythenshawe, with the creation of thousands of new jobs," MAG’s Airport City director, John Atkins, said.

"It brings a world-class commercial product that is sustainable and innovative to the UK for the first time — this presents Manchester with a unique opportunity add to its offer as a major European business city and will enhance the airport’s reputation as an economic hub and a global gateway to the UK.

“The aim is to create a modern business destination that makes full use of infrastructure already in place and the majority of workers and visitors will not drive to Airport City — instead they will walk, cycle, take a tram, bus, train or a plane. We have been working on this project for six years, examining airport cities across the world and how Manchester can successfully apply the concept. The planning submission demonstrates the progress we have made in the past 12 months and is a major step forward towards starting work on site.”

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