By Jonathan Bird, Managing Director of WarehouseDating.com

We all know that Pinterest is the new way of showcasing your work using graphics. If you use Pinterest strategically, you could really up the numbers of followers and customers. Here is a list of 11 ways that will boost your business.

1. Different boards for different aspects of your business. You can showcase your whole work portfolio but splitting it into sections may target specific customers.

2. Follow your competition to see what they are up to. Looking at what they are promoting and what deals they are offering, taking sales from you.

3. Invite users to your boards to increase your followers. You will be able to target users who have similar interests as your business.

4 . Display images from your company’s website to promote your hard work. This will show a consistent message across your social media platform and website.

5. Strategically name your pins so Google traffic goes to your businesses website. If you use a URL as a pins title this will be recognised by Google.

6. Run specific boards for new promotions. Show the world what you have to offer, new customers will be able to see this on the move and out of hours.

7. Pinterest has its own Business Page Newsletter which is sent to give you weekly tips. A great way to promote your business on Pinterest from their team.

8. Advertise least popular products that your business has. Looking to shine a spotlight on one of your products that isn’t doing so well. This is the best way!

9. Convert a personal page into a company page. Make the transition to turn your small and personal business into a professional page.

10. Comment on prospective customers boards. This will spark interest and bring new customers to your boards and then your website.

11. The Pin It button allows you to pin webpages to a specific board. This useful tool will direct followers to a specific webpage.