By Jonathan Bird, Managing Director of WarehouseDating.com

With the ever expanding world of social media, connecting with people around the globe has never been easier, more fun and a chance to expand your horizons. With the ever growing strength of the Facebook community being able to connect and progress your relationship with your customer’s and future ones is vital. It’s all about communicating, growing the friendship and keeping it up to date. These key points will help you to achieve the greatest potential from your Facebook family and to attain the upmost from the extensive online scene.

Make it fun and functional

The look of your page will be the first and last impression on a customer, if you don’t get it right it can deter them and leave a lasting impact on your business. Make sure everything is branded with the company logo, the cover picture speaks volumes about what you do and make sure that the call to action button is set to your main website. Then you will be set to go and get people talking.

Show the personality

When people visit your page it should feel like they are interacting with a person and not just a machine, so make sure you inject a more personal approach when replying or putting up pictures and text. This way people will feel like this is a business that cares and in turn will keep them interested and wanting more.

Visually stimulate your audience

As a society in the modern day, boring won’t do, we have become more visual and it has been proven that we will be more impulsive due to colour, pictures, style and the overall look of a product. These things are always a great start off point to get discussions and undivided attention from your audience. Make sure it looks professional otherwise people won’t be interested.

Keep it short and sweet

When writing text or messages don’t go over the top, keep it short and to the point otherwise it will make people more inclined to not want to read. Facebook is a fast moving place and the last thing anyone will want to do is spend time reading something over the top and unnecessary, it will also give it a fresh and modern look. Hitting the points you need to get across straight away will spread your interaction quicker, be more precise and last longer in people’s minds.

Let your customers feel involved

Being made to feel like you are a part of something great will keep customers interested and wanting more. When posting on your page use open ended questions to get people talking, interacting with each other and the conversation flowing. Competitions are a great way to active this and as part of the competition to win get them to share the competition on their page and grow your followers at the same time.

Expand with Like and Shares

There is nothing wrong with asking your Facebook followers to like and share pages and articles, just make sure you do it in a way that is not in there face and interesting otherwise it can be a right turn off. This will also help your online family grow and your interactions soar. The more likes and shares you get the more conversations you will start.

Thank you isn’t hard to type

You must always make your customers feel wanted and needed, so if they like and share your posts make sure you thank them for their support. It doesn’t need to be long or to every single person individually; just something like “Thanks everyone for the likes and shares” which will then show in their notifications, let them know you care and appreciate them, because without them then there is no point in doing it.

Let the pictures flow

To get the most involvement from your page you should always have a daily, flowing stream of updates, pictures and items to fill your news feeds. If you don’t have the time to be doing this manually or daily one thing I have found is a software called Postradamus. You can set it up to run for as long as you need, have posts go out on a schedule of your choice, add messages and web links. It’s an amazing time saver when time is short and a fantastic promotion tool.

Like your other media pages

Let your Twitter, main website or any other social media you use communicate with each other. By linking them altogether this will help drive traffic, boosting your follows and make your brand come together as one. Have call to action buttons on each page so with one click your customer’s can go from site to site with ease.

Play with the traffic!

With over 1 billion active users that makes for a lot of Facebook traffic, and to get a hold of it is as easy as 1 2 3. Just by liking other pages and leaving comments you then open yourself up to the wider stage and will start some fantastic interaction and networking. Go for pages that have the same interests or who are in the same line of work as you to maximise the best outcome, use the search bar, have fun and explore.

Be original and not ordinary

Have a look around and see what other pages are doing to keep them up to date and how they get people liking and sharing, then think outside the box. Come up with creative and new ideas as the same old is exactly what it says. People get bored quickly so come up with fresh, modern and innovative ways to show case your product, and this will keep people on the edge of their seats and excited about your page and what you do.