By Jo Neville, JN Consultant

We have heard it all before I'm sure but sometimes we can forget the basics of generating sales from both new and existing clients so here's 10 ways to win new business, all the while keeping you or your product prevalent in clients minds.

1) Don't bombard people with emails informing them of special offers. Pick up the phone and talk to them. A 5 minute chat is often more meaningful to them than an e-shot every 2 weeks.

2) Use social media to interact with your clients and prospects directly. Tell them you are looking forward to seeing them next week, or thank them for the enquiry. Make your tweets meaningful, relevant and personal.

3) Cold calling is part of every good sales person's day. Try and make at least 10 calls per day, no matter how busy you are, even if you are out on the road.

4) Turn off your email notifications. Sometimes any excuse to avoid cold calling will do so when you are cold calling, turn your emails off and move away from any office distractions.

5) Take unusual gifts when visiting your client's. I love wwwgraze.com, it’s a great idea and cost effective. All my clients love them and you can change the contents every time.

6) Go to 1 networking event per month. Be selective, pick one that suits you so don’t go to a breakfast meeting if you are not a morning person. Try different groups each month and never dismiss any contact, you never know who they know!

7) Cut cold calling down to small chunks. If you have a whole day doing calls, split them into groups of 10. This makes them easier to do and it doesn't seem such a hard slog. Reward yourself after each group of 10 calls so grab a cup of coffee, cake, piece of fruit, check your tweets. Whatever it is, take a break for 5 minutes before starting again. You will be surprised at how many calls you can do in a day with this method.

8) Take time to read magazines, local newspapers web articles and blogs relevant to your industry. It’s amazing what information and contacts you can pick up from them.

9) Do not dismiss old data. If you are struggling to source leads to contact then use an old database. Chances are the phone number and company name are the same, all you then have to do is get a contact name. Do not spend hours wading through directories or websites for numbers, use what you have available no matter how out of date you think it may be.

10) Learn to switch off. If you have had a hectic day and get home at 8pm at night, leave the laptop in the bag and switch off your phone. Everyone needs a break and remember we don't live to work we WORK to LIVE!