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By Michael Dehoyos, writer and editor at PhD Kingdom and Academic brits. He is also a contributor to several different sites and publications, including Case Study Help service.

To be a successful HR manager, you need a number of different skills so that you can undertake a huge variety of roles and motivate staff to be their best.

In this article, we’re going to look at the top 10 qualities of a successful HR professional:

  1. Knowledge
The foundational skill that all successful HR professionals need is a good understanding of the functions of human resources. In addition to their formal education, they should be prepared to stay up to date with the latest trends in the market, the best practices and ethics.
  1. Presentation Skills
To present well to their team, HR professionals need to be able to capture and hold their audience’s attention and to be able to deliver their message in an effective and positive way.

This is an especially important skill for HR professionals because they train new employees and must present reports and other information to management.

  1. Multi-tasking
HR professionals must deal with a lot of different tasks in the day – employee complaints, questions about maternity leave and create recruiting strategies for challenging positions.

“Because you will have a lot on your plate working in HR, it is vital that you stay organised,” says Anita Gray, a business writer at and “You need to be able to switch modes at a moment’s notice and not lose track of where you were. The investment in sticky notes, task management software and to-do lists will be a big help.”

  1. Reading Between Black & White
Working in HR, you may be surprised by how often issues are not simply black or white, especially when dealing with discrimination or harassment.

Decisions must be made using the “best available” information and they then have to work from their inner wisdom and intuition to know when they need to seek advice from lawyers or other experts.

  1. Morality
Similarly, HR professionals act as the conscious of a company, so much follow a strong sense of ethics when following company policies and keeping information confidential.
  1. Communication Skills
Effective communication is important for HR professionals who need to have the ability to talk to both employees and employers. Your written and oral communication skills must be concise and have clarity for all individuals in the company.
  1. Leadership Abilities
You will be representing your company as an HR professional and will be at the forefront of everything they do.

“As an HR professional, you will likely be a natural born leader,” says Martin White, an HR manager at and “You might not necessarily see yourself as a people person, but will likely find joy in helping people to reach their full potential. Your team needs you to lead by example and make sure that they have everything they need to grow within the company.”

  1. Motivation Skills
An effective workforce is one that has a strong motivation. You need to understand your employees and what does and doesn’t motivate them. It is not just about creating and offering incentives. You need to know what makes each person tick and what matters to them so that you can create reasons to maintain a high quality of work. It is about helping employees to belief in the company as much as you do.
  1. Conflict Management
No-one really enjoys dealing with conflict, but in the workplace situations like that need to be handled. As an HR professional, you will need to use critical thinking skill to manage the conflict as efficiently as possible.

You will need to collect all relevant information, identify the issue, think of all possible solutions and then agree a compromise between the parties.

  1. Courage
There will be days when you must make a stand as an HR professional – whether that is when making redundancies or by opposing ideas presented by managers. Being courageous is a trait that you will need on those days to help you make the right decision for the company and be able to stand firm in your conviction and beliefs.