By Daniel Hunter

One in 10 business professionals attend video conferences in their pyjamas, according to a new study.

Twelve per cent of those surveyed by online meeting tool admitted to attending a video conference whilst wearing professional attire on their top half, but pyjamas on the bottom (hopefully they were working from home at the time!).

A further 17% said they had seen someone dress inappropriately for a video conference. And although 36% said they actively seek a place in their house that appears more professional, 5% said they've actually someone take a video conference from their bed.

Despite 20% saying they apply makeup and/or fix their hair before going on a video conference, 14% admitted to using the camera as a mirror.

Sixteen per cent voted having your conference in the bathroom as the worst thing you could do, and astonishingly, 3% said they had seen someone take a VC whilst on the WC!

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