By Daniel Hunter

Where did you have your 'light bulb moment'? According to Virgin Media Business, 1% of entrepreneurs have theirs whilst sat on the loo.

That's right. It might not have been the case for the like of Sir Richard Branson and Lord Sugar, but Virgin Media Business' latest piece of research found that every one in 100 business ideas were born on the toilet.

In addition to the 1% who thought of their business idea on the loo, 3% of those surveyed said their 'light bulb moment' came whilst walking the dog.

With perhaps more conventional answers, around half of SME owners were inspired to start their own business sat at the desk in the old job. Virgin Media Business said this suggests that "good old frustration" is still big reason behind people's decision to set up on their own.

Other epiphanies came during the morning commute and the middle of the night.

Mike Smith, Director, SMB Virgin Media Business, said: "We all know that the secret of a great business is a brilliant idea, but even we were a little surprised by where some of these ideas are coming from.

"No matter how they come into being, small and medium-sized firms are absolutely key to the health of our economy."

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