By Max Clarke

Numbers of low-skilled workers in Britain born outside the UK have more than doubled since 2002.

In 2002, around 1 in 11 workers were born outside the UK- around 298,000, while at the start of 2011 the figure had jumped to 1 in 5, or 666,000 individuals.

Much of this has been driven by the 2004 addition of the so called ‘EU A8’ countries- notably Poland- to the UK.

Since Poland joined the EU, nearly 500,000 Polish-born workers have moved to the UK, many of whom have occupied low-skilled jobs.

The rate of immigration has since then slowed, having peaked at 96,000 in 2007. Pay freezes, unemployment and job cuts have all played a part in the slowing of immigration to and the speeding of emigration from the UK.

Of the half million Polish born UK workers, 1 in 4 live in London, while the remaining 75% are more evenly dispersed throughout the UK.