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Almost 90% of micro-business owners feel the current government doesn't understand their needs, according to new research.

The survey of 1,000 micro-business owners by Crunch Accounting also found that just 0.1% actively feel that the government is on their side.

Ahead of this week's Autumn Statement, those surveyed were asked if they feel government is supportive of, and understands, businesses with between one and ten employees. Nearly nine in ten (88%) said 'No', 12% said they were 'Undecided'. Just one of the micro-business owners surveyed said 'Yes'.

They were also asked about the potential impact of the rumoured 'one month rule' for freelancers and contractors. More than 80% said they regularly spent more than a month on-site with clients and 79% said they would not continue as freelancers or contractors if the rule applied to them.

The alarming results present a challenge and opportunity for the Chancellor to show his commitment to the micro-business sector as he sets out his economic plans later this week.

Crunch micro-business ambassador Jason Kitcat said: "The Autumn Statement is an opportunity for the government to recover from a crisis in confidence within the micro-business sector.

"While micro-businesses are feeling bruised by the planned hike in dividend taxes and rumours around 'one-month rules', the opportunity remains for government to rebuild confidence.

"With 8.4 million people working in the micro-business sector, we believe there is a huge opportunity for government to work with our sector to boost the economy and build relationship. We will continue to work across party lines to support everyone who wants to understand and connect with micro-businesses."