| Established in 2013

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Proseal Roofing is a commercial roofing company that specialise in high specification roofing installations both on new and existing buildings. These include all types of flat roofing (built up felt, liquids and single layer systems), pitched roofing (slate and concrete tile) cladding, and façade works. It works as a principal contractor direct for local authorities, universities, NHS and surveyors, and as a subcontractor for established building contractors. As a result, it has built a reputation for managing and installing complex liquid waterproofing solutions to balconies on multiple tenanted properties within large luxury apartment blocks and social housing.

90% GROWTH BETWEEN 2019 AND 2021

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The founder’s father had a roofing company in Tenby and growing up, James Welch would join him when measuring or checking jobs. As a teenager during school holidays, he would work on the roof to earn money. After leaving college at 19, he joined his father and learnt every aspect of the business from installation, administration to management. He moved to Swansea to start a family and while working for a roofing company in Bristol, he saw missed opportunities because of the firm’s location. He asked the directors if they would allow him to undertake work they didn’t want in his own name (which they agreed) and in May 2013, Proseal Roofing was formed.

Success Factor

Proseal Roofing has grown because of several key factors. First, by having the passion and commitment to never fail, James feels a great responsibility to the Proseal name and everything it does. Profits are always retained and used to add financial security, allowing the business to grow in a safe and secure manner and enabling it to invest in training and equipment for its employees. Proseal Roofing has also never shied away from the more complex and difficult projects that other contractors didn’t want, giving it a reputation as the “go to company” and increasing its growth. Finally, Proseal has a great team that buys into the passion and commitment James has to succeed and deliver the projects to the best standards regardless of the difficulties faced.

The Future

The plans for growing the business over the next five years includes investment in training by utilising its CITB membership and support, and improving the skills of site operatives, administration and management team through recognised training and support. It will also offer opportunities to older operatives to move from onsite work to become qualified training providers, allowing them to share their onsite experience with recognised training. Operatives will be trained to achieve a minimum NVQ level 2 standard, and supervision and management training will be encouraged and made available to all employees. This will enable Proseal Roofing to develop a team that have a vested interest in the company and the opportunity to develop their role and advance in an expanding company. As a result, it is now able to attract highly skilled employees and have recently taken on three very experienced employees this year whose experience and knowledge is enhancing the team already in place. Proseal Roofing is starting a training and apprenticeship scheme to offer opportunities to those school leavers who feel a manual role is more suited. It will enhance its existing construction, safety and training memberships and the relevant accreditations, thus elevating the level of work it can attract more clients for specialised and larger projects. It will continue to invest in its offices and unit, increasing and organising storage space, allowing it to bulk buy and stock more materials, thus reducing costs and safeguarding against fluctuating supply prices. Thanks to these developments, Proseal Roofing has increased its turnover since Covid to £4.5m in 2021-2022 and will look to achieve a stable and secure turnover of £10m per year by 2025.