| Established in 2017

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AerMach is a UK based company offering the highest quality of supply chain solutions for the aerospace sector. It specialises in the sale, lease and exchange of airframe and engine whole assets and components. AerMach provides value added services to customers around the world. As a distributor of commercial components, it offers a wide range of solutions to keep its customers flying:

136% GROWTH BETWEEN 2019 AND 2021



One of the major challenges the business faced when starting was financing the purchase of such expensive assets and components. Aermach started small, buying packages of used serviceable material in order to support or existing customer base and started to grow organically as its reputation grew within the aviation aftermarket. The business continued to add to its inventory and supplemented this with value-added services such as shop visit management and fan blade exchanges. It now stocks over 700 line items and has a customer base which spans every continent.

Success Factor

Aermach is flexible and can adapt to an ever-changing environment which has been key over the last three years since the Covid 19 pandemic had such a major effect on the aviation community. During this period, an additional product line was added which allowed it to start offering services and material to freight operators that were seeing an unprecedented surge in demand and these new clients have continued to be serviced post-pandemic. The business has also a fantastic team without which they would not be where they are in 2022 and has a determination and ambition to ensure customers and suppliers are top priority. Such an attitude has given AerMach a tremendous standing withing the aviation community and has allowed the opportunity to continue to grow and thrive in a competitive market.

The Future

In the next five years, Aermach will continue to add to products and services and is currently working on a business plan which will more than double revenue by 2024. The business is aiming to put itself in a position where it can purchase an increased number of its own engines for teardown purposes, shortening the supply chain and giving access to a more reliable source of material which will further increase market share and open new opportunities to pursue.