| Established in 2014

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Advatek is an award-winning next generation IT Services company delivering innovative security, networking, business continuity and cloud infrastructure solutions for businesses and public sector organisations across the UK.

141% GROWTH BETWEEN 2019 AND 2021



The founder has had ambitions to run his business since being a child and his eureka moment came back in the late 1990s when he found out that you can shine a laser down a fibre optic cable to send large amounts of data from one place to another. That inspired him to learn about networking, embarking on a night-time Cisco CCNA course in Glyndwr University. That enabled him to break into the IT industry where he worked for two large networking companies which is where he gained the knowledge to start up by himself. He has faced many challenges since starting the business, mainly around establishing credibility when no one knew who they were, getting funding to expand and financial pressure from events like the pandemic, but they have prevailed through extreme adversity to get to where they are at now.

Success Factor

Advatek understands that clients have concerns around cybersecurity, so it has focused on that market segment. The number of cyber breaches has driven lots of demand for the solutions that the firm provides which has helped it to grow. The implementation of state-of-the art digital marketing tool sets has driven the growth in terms of the number of clients that they deal with. Finally, a commitment to customer service that has allowed the business to deliver an increasingly wider set of propositions into the client base. Advatek is often recommended into other organisations by word of mouth so hopefully clients think that they are doing a great job for them.

The Future

Advatek is constantly developing new services that they can take out to market, so the focus is to build out a network management centre and a security operations centre at its HQ in Wrexham. This will allow the provision of outsourced security services for clients both large and small and this will drive further significant recruitment within Advatek.