| Established in 2014

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R-Gifts is a tech-focused e-commerce company focused on personalised gifts that uses software to create a unique personalised print and experience for users. Using in-house software, it can name stars in the sky, create personalised star maps where it recreates the exact night sky as it appeared on any date from any place, as well as creating automated personalised poems that users can tailor and style to their liking.

207% GROWTH BETWEEN 2019 AND 2021

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The main motivation behind starting the company was to create freedom and financial independence for the founder Rhys King. He also wanted to create good quality jobs for the team who were primarily his friends as well as attract people from outside the company to create a team that could be applied to anything and be as self-sufficient as possible with a skill set that can be applied to almost any tech or ecommerce project if needed in future.

Success Factor

R-Gifts has grown by developing an emotional product that markets really well via PPC and digital ad platforms. In addition, there is the ease of scalability across borders. The business also has a young energetic team that learns everything before outsourcing or hiring specifically and focusing on mental health and work-life balance for a very loyal team has been an advantage.

The Future

Over the next few years, the business will focus on Asia as a market to grow. It will also hire more developers and simplify its processes using a combination of outsourcing and technology.