| Established in 2017

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TownSq is a B Corp that operates a growing network of community coworking spaces across the UK, supporting entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. TownSq members have access to spaces in London, Oxfordshire, Devon, West Sussex, North and South Wales to work closer to home and boot the commute. TownSq Startup Clubs, workshops, Kick-Start and Accelerator programmes support thousands of new and scaling founders every year and TownSq Admin Support helps business owners save thousands of pounds every year in lost productivity.

226% GROWTH BETWEEN 2019 AND 2021

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The main inspiration initially was loneliness and the belief that spending more time around inspirational people helps to raise us all. That led to a successful business which created an impact report which showed significant benefit for the local area. TownSq was created to rollout this successful model across the UK, starting in Wrexham and growing now to a network of more than ten spaces.

Success Factor

Innovation has been the primary factor in TownSq’s growth - the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing market, adjusting and adding to products and services to best serve the needs of those the business support. When Covid-19 lockdowns closed its hubs, TownSq immediately transferred its business support service online, creating new products for customers, and investing in member platforms to meet requirements. As people collectively cut their commutes and improved their work-life balance, there was an opportunity to provide local workspaces where this lifestyle could be continued. Therefore, Town Square developed Cowork Local - a product which opens up local venues such as manor houses, sports clubs, and community centres to anyone wanting to stay closer to home. Purpose has also been another significant factor. Its mission is to enable people, places and communities to thrive, and is underpinned by its theory of change. TownSq strongly believes that it offers something so much more than competitors, and as it learns to articulate this and demonstrate impact through its data collection and reporting processes, it has been crucial to winning contracts with clients and generating revenue through membership.

The Future

TownSq’s growth goals focus on reaching 1000 members across all hubs and is on target to do so. Although the pipeline for new spaces is already quite full, the business is always open to opportunities to work with property partners who share TownSq’s goals. In addition, Cowork Local is a product that has the potential to reach across the UK and beyond and it will be dropped into new locations where it provides the most value. Finally, in order to support members, and reduce a reliance on outside providers, Town Sq has invested in a new platform which will enable members to find everything they need in one place.