| Established in 2016

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Candour Talent is a South Wales based recruitment agency, working with local and national businesses to increase the speed and quality of temporary, contract and permanent recruitment. Offering bespoke services across multiple industries, the business always goes above and beyond and give transparent solutions to clients’ problems and is committed to giving a first-class service to the Candour family on a business and personal level.

232% GROWTH BETWEEN 2019 AND 2021

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Candour Talent was founded in 2016 by Matthew Burkitt who began working from his home kitchen with the initiative to build a recruitment agency that focuses on people before profits. He believed in creating a work culture where rewarding colleagues for their hard work should be a necessity. Matthew has always been passionate about getting people back into work and changing their lives in helping them find their dream job. He is driven by making a difference to the people and businesses Candour supports and very passionate about making a difference to the local community and economy.

Success Factor

At Candour Talent, values are at the heart of the business, along with its people, the business delivers the best talent at the right time, every time. It has achieved open and honest relationships with clients and has embedded its services as an extension of their business, taking the pressure of recruitment away, so they can focus on their performance. As a business, Candour credits itself on its culture, one being family-orientated, thus being that many of the clients are like part of the Candour family. These relationships have been secured due to the drive and passion of the firm’s staff and to deliver the standard of service required to clients, the health and well-being of employees is paramount. Innovation and USPs are also a key element to the work at Candour Talent, allowing the firm to not only grow in business terms but also move and align with developing technologies including facial recognition clocking systems and the implementation of a fully electronic registration system, both of which have made the recruitment process easier for candidates and clients for their current and potential future candidates.

The Future

Candour’s fourth office will be launched in January 2023 and this will increase the firm’s headcount to twenty-one employees. Over the next five years, it aims to have six offices by the close of 2027 employing a total of 30 internal staff, placing 700 contractors weekly and securing over 50 permanent placements every month for candidates at a senior level.