| Established in 2003

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Creo Medical is a medical technology company transforming lives through the development and delivery of minimally invasive devices in the emerging field of therapeutic endoscopy. Creo Medical’s pioneering products are used worldwide providing patients with improved treatment options focused on enhancing quality of life. It also gives healthcare professionals access to advanced technology and techniques and provides hospitals with optimised patient pathways and efficiency. Its products are all powered by its unique, multi-patented Kamaptive Technology, through its CROMA Advanced Energy Platform, which allows the intuitive use of the full-spectrum of advanced energy, specifically combining advanced bipolar radiofrequency energy and microwave energy to bring the advantages of advanced energy to new parts of the body and introducing it for the first time to leading procedures.

9260% GROWTH BETWEEN 2019 AND 2021



Creo Medical was founded in 2003 as MicroOncology Ltd by Professor Chris Hancock, to initially target the treatment of cancers through use of high frequency microwave energy and dynamic matching techniques. The business strategy subsequently evolved to develop medical devices with a wider application and was rebranded as Creo Medical in 2010 to reflect this. After lengthy clearance, trial and data gathering periods necessary to get medical devices to market, securing the right financial backing and conditions was a major hurdle which Creo overcame thanks to a combination of public and private investment.

Success Factor

In addition to its innovative technologies and excellent staff, Creo has grown through a strategy of building buying and partnering. To build the business, it has invested significantly in its Pioneer training programmes to train clinicians in using its technology and grow its number of product users globally. In 2020, Creo completed two strategic acquisitions -Albyn Medical SL and Boucart Medical SRL - to give the business an unrivalled one-stop solution across Europe in the fields of gastroenterology, urology and endoscopy, backed by strong customer service and Creo’s innovative products. Finally, Creo has signed several heads of terms with partners, granting access to Creo’s Kamaptive technology in large and growing markets adjacent to those that it is already operating in and allowing for more patients to benefit from Creo’s technology. In 2021, it opened its US headquarters in Connecticut followed by a regional hub in Singapore in April 2022.

The Future

The plans for growth are to keep innovating by making miniscule devices smaller to allow them to reach new parts of the body and treat further indications and to bring new products to market so that more patients can feel the benefits of advanced energy in endoscopy. Also to build on its partnerships, ensuring the potential of Kamaptive energy is not confined to endoscopy but is maximised in areas such as laparoscopy and surgical robotics. Finally, to reach new markets by continuing to grow its global presence and introducing its devices and training physicians in an ever-increasing number of countries.