PR & Marketing: Video Showcase

  • ocial Entrepreneurs the Business Leaders of the Future

    Are Social Entrepreneurs the Business Leaders of the Future?


    Watch our interview with entrepreneur Mel Young MBE, the visionary founder of the Homeless World Cup, as we delve into the captivating question: Are social entrepreneurs the business leaders of the future? Explore the transformative power of social entrepreneurship and its potential to redefine the way we view business success.

  • The power of storytelling through video

    The power of storytelling through video


    Explore the art of storytelling and its profound impact when combined with video. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, this interview will unlock the secrets to crafting compelling narratives, leveraging emotions, and delivering impactful messages that resonate with viewers.

  • GBEA Academy - Building A Thriving Community for Business Success

    Building A Thriving Community for Business Success

    In this discussion with founders of Spectrum Collections, Hannah & Sophie Pycroft, alongside panelist Ruari Fairburn, founder of One Year No Beer, they share their incredible journey of building a thriving community for business success. They provide valuable insights into their strategies for fostering a strong and engaged following, nurturing customer loyalty, and driving business growth.

  • GBEA Academy - How to Build Relationship With The Media

    How To Build Relationship With The Media

    Unlock the secrets to effectively building relationships with the media in our interview with entrepreneur, Tru Powell. Tru shares his expert tips and strategies on navigating the world of media, including the power of leveraging media relationships to boost your brand’s visibility, enhance your credibility, and ultimately drive business success. Gain valuable insights into crafting compelling media pitches, securing press coverage, and effectively communicating your brand’s story.

  • GBEA Academy - Creating the Perfect Crowdfunding Campaign

    Creating the perfect crowdfunding campaign

    BT and The Great British Entrepreneur Awards discuss crowdfunding campaigns with Jess Bailey of Crowdfund 360, and Lance Campbell-Cooke of Pavegent. We delve into the world of crowdfunding, it’s rising popularity and the potential to revolutionise the entrepreneurial landscape.