2021 was a rollercoaster year for businesses all over the world, with the uncertainty of Covid-19 still at large and the effects of Brexit taking their toll. Amongst all of the unknown we’re facing as a society, the need for more sustainability, and awareness of how businesses are affecting the world is prominent –  between consumers, businesses owners, and investors. 

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As we head into 2022, entrepreneurs can expect the acceleration of environmentally conscious, greener and more socially responsible ventures, and with the increase in these types of businesses, we can expect to see plenty of developments in this area. In a survey conducted by our partner UBS, building a more sustainable business was the highest-rated topic of interest last year – which proves there is a bright future for businesses within this sector. 

A report written by UBS discusses the top 4 sustainability trends that you should be aware of for your business in 2022. Including; how environmental pledges may become the bottom line for businesses, diversity and inclusion becoming a differentiating factor, governance remaining as a bedrock for sustainability and how the effects of the pandemic may cause you to rethink your business plan.