One of the hardest things about preparing for a trip is figuring out what to pack. If you’re traveling for business, especially if it is to a city you’ve never visited before (to meet clients that you’ve never met before) then the task can seem pretty daunting.

Ironically, shorter business trips are often harder to pack for than week long (or longer!) jaunts. For ease of getting around (and also for not wanting to look like a complete wally with a suitcase that would do a family for a fortnight), a piece of carry-on luggage is the most sensible option for business travellers needing to dash here and there and look professional whilst they’re at it.

Having a piece of carry-on luggage not only cuts down on your time in the airport, it also removes the chances of losing baggage in transit.

I was introduced to the Gate 8 concept at an event a few months ago and was pretty impressed. I’m always the one lugging too many bags around, getting myself into a fluster and still not feeling like I’ve got enough room for all of the business trip essentials.

When I was sent a product to review I was delighted to accept and it just so happened that it arrived just in time to accompany me to London (I’m based in Cardiff) for a three day trip full of meetings and events.

Gate 8’s Cabin Max + mobile office luggage attempts to provide a tidy space saving solution, keeping your mobile office compartmentalised, and easily accessible.

While on this particular trip I didn’t board a plane, the luggage dimensions at 48cm x 38cm x 20cm are 100% compliant with the various airline limitations and when on board the plane, travellers will also benefit from the telescopic extendable handle that allows them to effortlessly walk, luggage in toe, through airplane cabin walkways.

The bag features garment compressing straps and zip netted pockets which not only helps to save space, but goes some way to preventing clothes from creasing too.

In addition the features listed above, the biggest selling point for me (and I’m sure I won’t be alone in this) is the detachable office compartment. The laptop bag is fully removable from the main body of the case and has compartments designed to house laptops, mobile phones and passports. I rarely go anywhere for work without my laptop. Despite having a tablet and a smartphone I’m still glued to my laptop 90% of the working day and often use it to deliver presentations and keep in touch with the office when away for business.

For me, carrying a suitcase, a handbag and a laptop bag often seemed a little much but with Gate 8’s solution I could easily attach and detach the office bag to the main case so that I could (although carrying the same amount of stuff) feel less luggage laden.

Another feature that, although incredibly simple, is particularly handy and impressive is the toiletry bag which is secured inside at the top of the bag’s main compartment. It is made of clear plastic and detaches simply by ripping it off its Velcro holder which is handy for producing effortlessly at airport security once again, saving time.

The Cabin Max really is a convenient piece of kit and allows for flexibility and time saving whilst travelling for business.

By Francesca James, Fresh Business Thinking