By Lea Pachta

Since Orange and T-Mobile have merged into the largest mobile phone company seven months ago, the firm has shed 25,000 jobs.

The company reduced their combined workforce from 19,000 to 16,522, and plan to cut more management, IT and back office staff.

Tom Alexander, chief executive of Everything, Everywhere, said: “There are management jobs to go, (and) there are back office duplications in putting together the number three (Orange) and number four (T-Mobile) operator.

“But, most of the people are very much in the frontline supporting our customers.”

“So, don’t expect mass redundancies, because they won’t happen.

“We are going to have more customers, so we will need the staff. We don’t just want to be the biggest now, we want to be the biggest and the best and we want to grow.

“We don’t just want to be Britain’s biggest communications company, we want to be one of Britain’s biggest companies”.

He also said that the depressed retail market meant that it is “now a reasonable time to grow retail”. The firm wants to increase their visibility on the high street from 711 to around 800 stores.

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