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    Connect your acquisition & advocacy tools to increase customer lifetime value post-Covid


    This article was originally published on the Mention Me's website.Despite acquiring significantly more customers during lockdown, many businesses are now struggling to encourage shoppers to return.Mention Me's webinar takes place on Friday 14th August 2020 at 11:00am (BST) and explores how to overcome this challenge and create loyal advocates for ...

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    The Great British Entrepreneurs ‘Back to Business’ survey 2020


    The Great British Entrepreneur Awards & community have launched the Great British Entrepreneurs ‘back to business’ survey to establish the impact of COVID 19 and lockdown on entrepreneurs and their businesses.

  • Brie Read

    'Supportive community and crowdsourcing ideas'


    Great British Entrepreneur Awards founder, Francesca James, has been talking to a number of entrepreneurs recently about how they have pivoted or adopted a ‘plan b’ during these challenging times.Snag tights founder Brie says that pre-pandemic her business was doing £2 million a month revenue and sales were growing month ...

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    Mapping the world of foodservice - Dan Head


    There are no magic answers to our current situation, but in his webinar Dan talked through how he and Visionary Food Solutions are helping their brands in the world of foodservice and how they should deal with the now, and plan for the immediate future. VFS is staying even closer ...

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    Raising investment in challenging times - Julia Elliott Brown


    Julia Elliott Brown is the CEO and Founder of Enter the Arena, the UK’s leading equity fundraising expert and specialist coach. With 20+ years commercial experience developing and building high-growth start-ups, in this webinar Julia devilered a masterclass on the journey to raising investment during COVID-19, the conflicting forces and ...

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    Readiness in tough times and preparing for the other side - New Covent Garden Soup Co. founder


    Being prepared is the first step to securing your business' future once a crisis hits. Failing to have a plan in place could be the difference between job cuts - even the business' demise - and a long-term, bright future.As co-founder of New Covent Garden Soup Co and Little Dish ...

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    Why a recession can lead to reinvention - Daniel Priestly


    At the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, Dent Global founder Daniel Priestly, gave some early optimism for the future of the economy and business. He explained how a recession, even though it can seem doom and gloom, can result in reinvention and innovation in the long-term.The current coronavirus outbreak is ...

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    When crisis hits, "immediately identifying and acknowledging your biggest problem is the first step" says King of Shaves founder


    Early in lockdown, King of Shaves founder Will King gave his thoughts on what business owners need to do to get through the Covid-19 pandemic. He explained that immediately identifying and acknowledging your biggest problem is the first step. Explaining his SPACE acronym, Will started explaining: “S is for ...

  • Meredith

    Only the brave; captivating a new generations’ hearts and minds with experiential retail


    Speaker: Meredith O'ShaughnessyDate: 06/08/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)Despite Gen Z being heralded as our first true Digital Natives, almost all members of Generation Z prefer to shop in bricks-and-mortar stores: “their last great experience is their new expectation.”Gen Zers, more than any other generation are not seeking places to buy stuff ...

  • Rachel H

    How to build a resilient team


    Speaker: Rachel HoughtonDate: 29/07/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)While there have been many hardships and challenges in the last few months, it’s also important to recognise the positives. One major positive has been the growth of teams and the support that everyone has given to their colleagues.Hand-in-hand with this is the resilience ...

  • Sheryl M

    A post-COVID world calls for a more authentic kind of leadership


    Speaker: Sheryl MillerDate: 20/07/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)The COVID-19 crisis has revealed two things within us: firstly, a greater appreciation for the intangible things in life that money can't buy, and secondly, an even greater intolerance for businesses and brands who fail to support the community in their greatest time of ...

  • Dr L

    Mindset Shift: Managing your inner critic and emotions in business


    Speaker: Dr Lalitaa SuglaniDate: 15/07/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)How many times have you have a thought that has stopped you from doing something and you have kicked yourself after for not doing it?This talk will help you to master your emotions to be able to effectively lead your team and make ...

  • Mandy Powell

    The luxury wash brand that's donated 10,000 soap and shampoo packages to key workers


    [embed][/embed]?️ | The luxury wash brand, The Goodwash Company donated 10,000 soap and shampoo packages to key workers ?The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are proud to be working with Funding Options to recognise entrepreneurs who have pivoted.[bs_button size="md" type="link" value="View the full series here" href=""]

  • Justice Williams MBE

    How digital products can create recurring revenue in your business to help you build and scale your brand


    Speaker: Justice Williams MBEDate: 02/07/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)Now more than ever businesses are seeking ways where they can become 'contactless' and increase income streams with passive and recurring revenue. Many businesses and entrepreneurs can successfully scale and increase profits through digital products, which can generate a consistent source of income ...

  • Suzanne Dibble

    How to implement the GDPR so that it helps rather than hinders your marketing


    Speaker: Suzanne DibbleDate: 30/06/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)You have no doubt by now heard of the GDPR and perhaps think of it in terms of how much you can get away with without risking a complaint or a fine.On this webinar, best-selling author of GDPR for Dummies, Suzanne Dibble LLB, CIPP/E ...

  • Simon Washbrook

    Building a Qualified Sales Pipeline using Email Marketing


    Speaker: Simon WashbrookDate: 24/06/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)During this Webinar, you will learn how to create amazing emails and how you can then go on to automatically qualify prospects based upon their online behaviour.During the event, we will cover the practical aspects of Email Marketing, steering away from dry statistics and ...

  • Richie Mehta & Keith Weed

    Give your marketing a jump start


    Speaker: Ritchie Mehta & Keith WeedDate: 22/06/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)Harvard Business School conducted a study of firms during economic downturns and found that a mere 9% came out stronger at the other side. The majority either failed or were not able to maintain their growth rates even three years later. ...

  • Nokia Office

    Office Hacks: Four essentials for your small business


    Starting a new business venture can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging things a person can do. Whether fuelled by passion or the desire to earn more money, putting your new brand into the marketplace is not for the faint of heart!

  • Opinion

    Top Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


    Due to the high financial risks involved in initiating a start-up, a significant number of these businesses fail within the first few years due to lack of funding, bad business decisions, an economic crisis, lack of market demand, or a combination of these factors.

  • Mich T

    When life throws you a curve ball


    Speaker: Mich Turner MBEDate: 19/05/2020Time: 2:00 PM (BST)When life throws you a curve ball, should you dodge it, catch it or smash and volley it?Mich Turner is the founder of Little Venice Cake Company an award winning Entrepreneur, Qualified Food Scientist, Consultant, Brand Ambassador, Author & Speaker.In this webinar Mich ...