From squidgy, taste-tastic marshmallows to botanically inspired chocolates, these entrepreneurs have sweet futures ahead of them! 

Food & Drink Heroes 2021 - Ones to Watch - Confectionary

Darren Litton


When Darren came to the UK he could not find a chocolate drink that matched the one from his childhood, and so he decided to create it. Today the same love and care his grandfather put in to his hot chocolate can be found in every one of Cocoba’s chocolate products.

Fatou Mendy

Dark Sugars

Dark Sugars Cocoa House brings the culture of West African cocoa production to Brick Lane. At the Cocoa House, you can sway your hips to the sound of the Senegalese sabar, take in the aroma of roasting cocoa beans, watch mango slices swirling in luscious dark chocolate, and taste the sinful thickness of Pitch Black Hot Chocolate.

Gavin Cox


From start to finish, Cox&Co has been focused on producing chocolate that doesn’t make people choose between being ethical or enjoying an indulgent treat; this is a chocolate range that places equal importance on both. Blended with complementary superfoods as well as top quality cacao, it’s a treat that you can feel great about enjoying.

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie

Mallow & Marsh

Mallow & Marsh want everyone to discover how delicious marshmallow really is. Using the best-quality ingredients, it makes marshmallow with a lot of love and without any compromise.

Helen & Simon Pattinson


Montezuma’s launched with only a kitchen sink sized machine, huge enthusiasm, spades of naivety and most importantly, a broad ideal to bring chocolate innovation to a boring and staid British chocolate market.

Holly Brook

Holly’s Lollies

Holly’s Lollies is famous worldwide for its unique and original alcoholic confectionery. Lovingly made using traditional methods, it uses the finest ingredients to create delicious combinations.

Jacqueline Champion & Andrew Reeves

Champion & Reeves

If you are looking for quality tasting natural confectionery made with more orange blossom honey, premium pistachio, almonds, cashew and cherries than any other nougat in the world then you have found it.

Jamie Laing

Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens blends big flavours with honest ingredients to bring you sweets that taste as great as they look. No compromises. Using vegetarian and vegan recipes, it uses only the best ingredients for you and the planet, so you can feel good while satisfying your sweet craving.

Jenny Silverthorne-Wright & Sarah Hobbs

Cotswold Fudge Co

The scrumptious fudge and old fashioned confections are made entirely by hand. The Cotswold Fudge Co does not use any additives or preservatives and they source the freshest ingredients to create their crumbly style fudge.

Kwaku & Raphael Dapaah

Dapaah Chocolates

During a tour of his Grandmother’s cocoa plantation in Ghana, Raphael, was struck with the idea of processing the quality cocoa into luxury chocolate. Realising the great job and wage opportunities the production could bring for the local community, Raphael returned to London determined to utilise our family’s heritage and disrupt the chocolate industry’s status quo.

Laura Jackson

Laura’s Confectionary

Laura’s Confectionery originally sold fudge at shows and fairs throughout Yorkshire, the company has since expanded into a luxury confectionery brand. From the classic fudge that started Laura’s journey to pick ‘n’ mix and original sweet pouches, there is something for everyone.

Laura Scott

The Conscious Candy Co

The Conscious Candy Company fills the gap in the market for delicious vegan pick & mix to be delivered to your door. Their massive 1kg pouches contain over 50 varieties of vegan sweets so you will be sure to find plenty of sweets to take your fancy.

Lavinia Davolio


Real pieces of fruit, nuts, and jellies wrapped in chocolate and spices. Each Lavolio sweet has a delicate sugar-spun shell hand made in the old-fashioned way. Lavolio is on a mission to bring you the finest sweets from artisan candymakers, beautifully packaged for an extraordinary gift experience.

Matt and Ish Broadbent

Ocelot Chocolate

Ocelot is obsessed with good chocolate - to Matt & Ish it’s in a food group all of its own. They produce high-grade dark chocolate, which - like a fine wine or a specialty cheese - is up there with the most special things in the world and it is an experience to savour, with flavour notes that come in waves and linger long after you finish.

Meg Chapman

Raw Halo

Raw Halo makes organic raw chocolate from ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients, with shine, snap and smoothness in every bite. Meg started producing small batches from her home kitchen, delivering bars by hand to local, organic stores. You can now find Raw Halo in your favourite shops in the UK and overseas.

Mikey Lewis

Heist Chocolate

Heist is a tiny independent chocolate maker based in Cardiff, Wales which specialises in micro-batches of stone ground chocolate using single origin, organic, cocoa beans. Each batch of beans is turned into lovely chocolate bars in a small factory in the centre of the city.

Oonagh Simms

The Marshmallowist

Having trained as a chocolatier in Paris but starting her business on a Portobello Road market stall, Oonagh creates marshmallows with a french soufflé-like texture and a signature London edge. With a flair for the adventurous and a taste for success, Oonagh now sells her marshmallows to some of Europe’s fanciest stores.

Phil Landers

Land Chocolate

Award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate made in the heart of Hackney, London, The Land collection celebrates the world’s finest cacao. The whole process of chocolate making takes place in a workshop on the backstreets of E8; from roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching and wrapping.

Rimi & Manav Thapar

Love Raw

Love Raw’s mission is to continue making legendary kick ass vegan chocolate whilst maintaining their honest, transparent and no artificial nonsense roots. Removing the stigma, it wants to prove that vegan chocolate can be decadently indulgent.

Steve Rudkin

Seed & Bean

Seed & Bean always makes sure to be challenging with their flavour combinations, to create flavours that no one else is doing, and that you might have never seen or tried before. They live on the wild side of taste with their botanically inspired adventurous and unique flavours.