We ran a free event in partnership with TikTok in order to help entrepreneurs kickstart their TikTok business journey with the help of the experts themselves.

These interactive sessions explored creative best practices, the common issues and solutions from client services experts, and all of the strategies that you can use for success!

The TikTok Opportunity

Session 1 – The TikTok Opportunity

Covering topics including:

  • Why TikTok
  • Myth busters
  • An introduction into the TikTok products
  • Businesses that are doing brilliantly on TikTok—and what you can learn from them

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Alumni

Session 2 – Great British Entrepreneur Awards Alumni

Lessons from GBEA members on their experience with TikTok. Learn from their experiences of success along with lessons learned along the way.


Kick start your TikTok journey

Session 3 – Kick start your TikTok journey

This session will include:

  • Creative lessons from best in class: OnlyCurls
  • Client Services Expert Session: Registration Do’s and Don’ts
  • Steps for success for any business with a high value sales rep