StartUp business OK Positive secures huge contract with Eurofins Forensic Services - Exciting news for the company set to make huge changes in the workplace mental health space

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Business-to-business, Mental Health app OK Positive secures a two-year contract with Eurofins Forensic Services (EFS). OK Positive is still within its start-up stage after its founding in 2019 by Charlie Wilton. Since its inception, OK Positive has seen huge success. The contract with EFS is just another great milestone on their journey, as they team up to create better mental health practices in all workplaces.  

Read more about OK Positive and their journey so far, here.

We spoke with founder Charlie about how OK Positive secured this contract, and what that journey was like.  

So, who are Eurofins Forensic Services?

Eurofins Forensic Services (EFS) is part of the Eurofins Group. Eurofins is an international life sciences company which provides a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries.

The Eurofins network of companies is the global leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic product testing, and in discovery pharmacology, forensics, advanced material sciences and agroscience Contract Research services.

Eurofins’ mission is to contribute to the health and safety of our world and the environment. This aligns with many of the goals of OK Positive, which I believe makes them a perfect fit for each other. 

How did the partnership come about?

Initially, EFS and OK Positive connected through Guy Shorley, Cluster Manager, as the company were exploring how they could potentially do more for their people and proactively support employee mental health. This continues to be a significant focus for the company. 

EFS trialled the OK Positive platform to their Birchwood Park site to assess how the company may be able to best support their people. This was of particular importance to the company whilst it continued to operate during the height of the pandemic. Following success of the trial at EFS Birchwood Park, the company has now rolled out the platform to the wider UK business on an initial two years contract.

To this end, I believe having data insights from aggregated anonymous feedback and bespoke mental health support for each employee at the touch of a button, allows businesses to have preventative measures to ensure their culture is supportive and reacts quickly to any pressing issues affecting staff - and this is exactly what OK Positive’s platform provides. 

Using a platform like OK Positive should be a focus for all businesses today, with positive wellbeing being crucial to the success of their organisation. Too often wellbeing is put to the bottom of the priority list and it is great to see large organisations such as EFS putting it at the forefront of their strategy moving forward.

If you are looking to follow in the footsteps of EFS, and put employee wellbeing at the top of your priority list - reach out to OK Positive today to see how they can help. 

They can provide the below all under one roof:

  • Mental Health platform for all employees/users

  • Unlimited therapy sessions per employee or user/year

  • Training and onboarding support

  • Partner platform of support services (workplace wellbeing, Mental Health, financial wellbeing, nutritional wellbeing and management coaching)

  • Business discounts/perks/benefits

  • Communications channel to support employees/users

  • Real time-analytics and dashboard to create and evaluate interventions taken to support employees/users