Founder, LoveRaw


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Rimi Thapar is a passionate and hardworking entrepreneur and mumtrepreneur, spearheading the growth and success of the innovative vegan chocolate brand LoveRaw. She is on a mission to make legendary vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate whilst maintaining her honest, transparent and no artificial nonsense roots.

In launching LoveRaw in 2013 from a kitchen table with a start-up budget of only £600, Rimi has gone on to sell millions of vegan chocolate bars despite turning down a 50K investment from Deborah Meaden in the Dragons’ Den in 2017.
Having secured a multimillion-pound investment from Blue Horizon Ventures at the start of 2020, the now multi award winning business has gone on to launch new product ranges, including their very own vegan M:lk® Choc Bars and their world’s first Cre&m Wafer Bar range.

Rimi is on track to succeed in her mission to disrupt the category and make LoveRaw the go-to vegan choice for indulgent chocolate treats.

Region: North West England