Clearco is the fastest, most affordable way for founders to fund their businesses. Clearco offers the most founder-friendly capital solutions for e-commerce, mobile apps, and SaaS founders as well as access to a powerful global network, insights and data, and recommendations. Understanding the needs of e-commerce companies, Clearco has created a solution to help them grow. 

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Clearco is partnering with businesses to help grow their founder’s fund, allowing businesses to invest in founders they believe in. It is Clearco’s mission to level the playing field of investing by empowering businesses to multiply their impact by identifying and funding under-represented founders in the communities that matter most - which is one of the many reasons why we have partnered with Clearco. 

Here at the StartUp Awards National Series, we vow to help our community receive access to support and resources that will help scale up their business and expand their opportunities. By partnering with Clearco, we allow our community and alumni the opportunity to apply for funding for marketing, in just a few clicks.  

Connect your business accounts, get insights, access capital, and grow your business… it’s really that simple with Clearco. 

Clearco is the world’s largest eCommerce investor and has deployed over $2B of non-dilutive capital to 5,000+ companies internationally to date.

We are delighted to be joining forces with them to further empower founders and startups within our community. So if you’re an eCommerce or SaaS founder, Clearco can help you scale your business beyond just capital. Connect your accounts to their platform today and receive a funding offer in as little as 24 hours.

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