In every business, your people are at the heart of everything you do, and they play a huge role in the success or failure of your business. This is why it’s vital that you’re doing the right things to attract, acquire and retain the best talent. If you have a strong team that is passionate, knowledgeable and willing to learn, it makes success far easier.

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Are you currently wondering how to build that team that will help you grow? 

We were recently joined by Jo Dalton, founder of JD&Co to discuss all things team building, in the latest StartUp Academy webinar, hosted by our founder Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, in collaboration with BT.

Founder, Investor and Board Advisor – Jo Dalton advises the founders, funders and boards of some of the world’s most disruptive, tech fuelled scale-ups. She is seen as one of the most trusted talent advisors in the UK and is immersed in the startup and scale-up ecosystem - and in this conversation, she provided her top tips and expert advice on building amazing teams. 

Kicking off the conversation, Dylan asked Jo about the effects that covid has had on businesses when it comes to finding and retaining talent - due to the great resignation, and firms having to let staff go due to lack of funding. 

“There is now more need than ever for training and development within businesses. Lots of companies who are in growth mode are hiring for potential, but in today’s market, you need to be hiring for skills that are needed within your business today. You need employees to join and be effective within the first 1-3 months. 

“Because of this, there isn’t the opportunity for people to grow new skill sets and evolve because demand for revenue is more important for companies in this current climate,” she said. 

When we speak with entrepreneurs and founders, the one thing they always say is that they wouldn’t be able to do it all with their team - and without their team, they wouldn’t achieve all of the success that they do. 

So, what does it take to make up a successful team? 

“I concur that I would not be anywhere in my entrepreneurial career if it wasn’t for having an amazing team around me.

“I think in terms of building amazing teams, the two words that spring to mind immediately are diversity and awareness. Generally, you’ve got to have different types of thinkers in a business, and you want a diverse set of skills. 

“Awareness is super important. Founders need to be aware of their talent spikes and their blind spots and know the things they’re not so good at. And that should be carried throughout the whole team so that everyone knows when something goes wrong everyone knows the right person to go to.” 

“The last thing is bravery, especially in the startup world, you need brave people, who are going to make brave decisions, and give really brave, honest feedback to eachother.” 

So, now we know what it takes to build an amazing team, can the same be said for the perfect employee? And does that even exist?

“I think there are perfect employee experiences, and perfect leaders that can create amazing teams.”

Ready to know more? Watch the full conversation here.

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