Most successful business owners will tell you that one of the keys to success is being a known authority within your industry. But what does that mean? And why is it so important?

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With authority comes respect, credibility and opportunities, and for a business or entrepreneur looking to grow, authority within your industry is something that you need! 

Sophie Milliken, personal brand expert, best-selling author, and founder of Moja joined us in the latest session of the StartUp Awards StartUp Academy in collaboration with BT. Sophie sat down with our founder Professor Dylan Jones Evans to discuss the importance of becoming a known authority in your industry, and gave her expert advice on how to do it! 

Kicking off the conversation, Sophie began by discussing why personal branding is so important for entrepreneurs, and how it can help your business. 

“Entrepreneurs or founders are passionate about what they do because you certainly don’t reap the rewards in the beginning, so they’re always the best people to sell their businesses - even if they grow and have a team of salespeople,” she said.

“The people are more interesting than the business - even if you have the best business idea in the world, people are interested in what its people have to say.”

Giving examples of some people who have perfected their personal branding in order to skyrocket their businesses, she said, “Take Elon Musk, for example, he has a real character, and though his businesses are exciting, he could do anything now and it would sell because it’s his. And Steven Bartlett, I’d be surprised if anything he did failed because he has his personal brand behind him - and people are interested in what he has to say.” 

“As an entrepreneur wanting to grow your business, you’d be mad not to put yourself out there and see what opportunities it brings for your business!” 

Sophie explained how social media plays a huge role in personal brand these days - as it gives people the ability to speak with their audience and get their personality across - whilst making leads to their brand. 

“At Moja, we encourage clients to be using social media, it’s a free tool to get yourself out there. But it only works if you are consistent!” 

Some of the content that Sophie recommends brands should be doing to grow their personal brand are: 

  • A Podcast

  • Entering good quality awards that come with a community

  • Write a book

  • Share articles

  • Get involved in speaking engagement 

  • Being involved in a charity that aligns with your passions 

Another important benefit of personal branding and getting your name out there are the opportunities that come with it - if people don’t know you, and aren’t engaged in you and your business you are far less likely to create organic relationships and networking opportunities. 

“It’s fun! As soon as you get a bit of exposure, other people see it and invite you to do other cool stuff. Even now I get really exciting invites to great opportunities - and I try to say yes to everything.” 

So, Sophie’s top tips? Use social media wisely, get your voice out there as much as possible, and keep your passion close - this will sell your business or product itself!  

Ready to learn more? Watch the full webinar here.

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