The 2023 StartUp Awards entries are now open, and we’re so excited to see applications come in from across the nation and be able to celebrate some of the UK’s best startup businesses once again.


Here at the StartUp Awards, we look for more than just an incredible turnover when it comes to our finalists - we want to hear your story, your struggles and your successes. To help you show this off effectively we’ve come up with some top tips on how you can blow us away with your application. 

The key steps to application success: 

Your business’s impact 

What impact are you making in your industry and to your customers? Have you had some customer feedback that shows how well you’re doing? Think about how can you back up the impact you have made through your product or service. 

The impact of your business is really important, yet it’s something that people often forget to measure. If you can measure the impact you’re having, and substantiate your story, qualitatively and quantitatively - then you’re going to have far more chance of success in awards applications!  

Success doesn’t always mean you’re making the most money, it often means you’re making a great impact! - We want to know that what you’re doing is making a difference in a positive way 


How are you different from other businesses applying? By nature, awards programmes are extremely competitive, so the judges are looking for those that stand out, and are disruptors within their industry. 

Whether it’s technology innovation, stand-out sustainability strategies, approaches, or marketing groundbreaking products or services, it’s really important to show how you are doing something new and innovative to ensure that you stand out against the competition. 

Is your whole business based on your innovation?  These could be the categories for you: Innovative StartUp, Rebel StartUp

The inspiration 

Your story is really important to us - we want to hear you talk about your entrepreneurial journey, the ups, the downs and everything in between. 

What is the story and purpose behind your business? Here at the StartUp Awards, we love a successful business story. So showing how you’ve gotten to where you are today, the inspiration behind it, and how you are now inspiring others is key.

We want to see you be open, honest, and most importantly inspiring!

The nitty gritty details 

When filling out awards applications people will often discuss what they’re doing now and their future plans, but forget to add insight into how they got to where they are today and insight into the decisions they have made to make their business happen.

We want to know how you got to where you are today, how did you create your business, was it from your own experiences? How does your product or service benefit the world of business?  - These are all questions you should be answering in your awards entry so that the judges can get a true insight into your business, and the story behind it.  

It can be hard to talk about yourself and your successes but this application is the perfect opportunity to show off your story and your entrepreneurial journey. Ask yourself, why do I want to win? And let this lead the way. And remember, when you win, so do your team, your peers, and the people you are looking to help. 

Becoming a finalist and potential winner can bring you money can’t buy opportunities, an endless network of like-minded individuals and a huge sense of accomplishment! 

Still not convinced on why you should apply? Find out why else it could be good for you and your business here.

Ready to apply? Enter the 2023 StartUp Awards here.