An interview with this years Most Inspiring HR leader of the year: Shaun Davis, Royal Mail Group

Shaun Davis winner

Nominated in recognition of his drive, commitment, experience and how he has made a significant, positive and sustained contribution to the field he works in - Shaun speaks regularly on a voluntary basis, at industry conferences and events on health, wellbeing, leadership and organisational strategy topics.

Shaun’s number one priority is to create a safe and healthy working environment for Royal Mail Groups (RMG) people, where everyone is free from injury, with good physical and mental health - he wants their people to be able to come to work every day feeling their best and leaving in the same condition if not better. RMG recognised this and in 2017, led by Shaun they introduced the ‘Because Healthy Minds Matter’ strategy combining group-wide programmes and local activity to support healthy minds.

Shaun is a great example of an inspiring leader, who truly wants the best for his team.

We recently caught up with Shaun Davis of the Royal Mail Group, to discuss his journey with workplace wellbeing, how it felt to win, and what we can expect from him and his wellbeing commitments in the future.

When discussing his achievements, Shaun explained that “the award is a reflection of my team and the work we have done together. I am just privileged to have been able to lead that team.” Shaun had actually left his role at the Royal Mail Group after ten years and so he celebrated in the form of winning an award two days prior!

Shaun’s passion for workplace wellbeing stems from his youth where his father would discuss the injuries sustained in the steel industry which sparked a passion for Shaun as he noticed the lack of support for the families and the workers. This passion was used to help enable The Royal Mail Group’s workplace wellbeing initiatives. The Royal Mail Group now shows a clear effort in aiming to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of employees which is demonstrated through their ‘Because Healthy Minds Matter’ strategy- implemented with the help of Shaun. This strategy provides resources and support for workers throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Discussing the future of this initiative Shaun said, “Royal Mail continues to keep its health and wellbeing strategy under constant review, prioritising our three areas of focus: physical, mental and financial health, whilst updating to reflect the ever changing, challenging and uncertain world we find ourselves in.

“We strive to create a culture where employees are empowered to own their own positive health outcomes and can utilise the portfolio of internal and external support services available.”

Lastly we asked Shaun, if he had one piece of advice for people looking to increase positive wellbeing, both in and out of the workplace. “Encourage employees to take ownership of their own wellbeing. The books that I have written give people pointers, different ideas to try, to see what works for them. For me, I make sure I take time for myself every day. Working in such a busy environment it is easy to lose track of time and days fly by, so my tip is take time for yourself. Make time to do something you enjoy, meet a friend, take a walk, do some exercise. Taking time for yourself is so important”, he said.

Aston Lark, says “We’re so happy to have been able to sponsor this year’s Most Inspiring HR Leader Award, which was rightfully awarded to Shaun Davis, for his continued commitments and positive contributions to bettering the workplace for himself and other employees. Shaun’s work is a great example of what every workplace should be doing to make workplace wellbeing business as usual”