HumanForest, London and the East of England’s Creative StartUp of the Year, and London’s most sustainable and affordable eBike operator, with its daily 10 minutes free, is leading innovation within the micro-mobility sector, integrating a new style of eBike into their existing fleet.

HumanForest, new eBike, PR

The latest model offers HumanForest users a range of upgraded specifications which improve accessibility, ride quality and operational efficiencies, without compromising on safety and durability.


  • Increased acceleration and smooth ride at all speeds;  

  • Lightweight eBike that is agile and manoeuvrable;

  • Prolonged battery range, reaching 100km per charge; and

  • Extended seat height accommodating a greater range of heights.

The eBike is agile and manoeuvrable, making it easy for people to handle, especially when parking. Although the maximum speed legally remains at 25 km/h, the streamlined weight translates to a quick start off the mark, making users feel the full enjoyment of an eBike.  

HumanForest’s 250,000 users have completed over 1 million rides in London in the last year, avoiding 194 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the air and displacing 250,000 car trips. HumanForest is a favoured option for commuting, 40% of daily trips are second, third or fourth trips and 10% of HumanForest users take a trip every three days. The average trip time is 20 minutes.

This latest evolution of eBike is a marker of the creativity and innovation demonstrated by HumanForest since its inception, maintaining its position at the forefront of the urban micro-mobility sector. Designed to compete with consumer bikes in terms of rideability and sleek aesthetic, HumanForest’s latest addition appeals to an even wider audience and further encourages a behavioural change among the masses that is required to have a lasting positive impact on the environment and decarbonise cities.

Trialling a new style of eBike also highlights HumanForest’s proactiveness in responding to feedback from their community. It is hoped the seat post, which has an increased height range, will accommodate a greater variety of people and improve the accessibility of its service. The comfortability of the eBike has also been addressed, with a combination of spoked wheels, soft tyres and a thicker seat absorbing the impact from any bumps on London’s roads.

Agustin Guilisasti, CEO and Founder, HumanForest, said: “We are delighted to raise the bar on micro-mobility in London, improving the sustainability and accessibility of our service with a lightweight frame and longer range battery. HumanForest is supporting a modal shift among Londoners and we’re excited that, with our new eBike, even more people can enjoy the benefits of active and sustainable travel.”