Massive congratulations are in order for Wales’ own, 2021 StartUp award winner, LIMB-art, after receiving amazing recognition from the International Paralympic Committee.


LIMB-art is a design and manufacturing company, born and grown in North Wales, dedicated to producing cool, stand-out prosthetic leg covers.

Founded in 2018 by former Paralympic swimmer, Mark Williams, and his wife Rachael, LIMB-art was born out of the overwhelming need for Mark to help other prosthetic limb users to feel confident, stand out, and be proud of their limb.

LIMB-art has received huge recognition to date including winning Manufacturing StartUp of the Year at the 2021 Wales StartUp Awards, Entrepreneur for Good at The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, and their latest achievement is one that holds huge importance to the business.

Mark Williams recently received the Certificate of Recognition from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the IPC say the certificate was given to Mark for his ‘special achievements as a Paralympian’ and for ‘upholding the Paralympic values’.

As well as receiving the certificate, Mark was honoured with the title PLY from the IPC which is a post-nominal title, given to recognise the Paralympians’ contribution to the movement through their hard work, commitment to and promotion of the Paralympic values.

When discussing the recent certificate, and LIMB-art’s success Mark said, “I am filled with pride to receive this honour from the IPC. It takes me immediately back to standing on the podium receiving my medal. It is also fantastic that we are another step closer to equality and parity to the Olympic athletes. What started out not as a business, but as a solution to my own body image issue, has grown into Limb-art. I’m so proud that our work helps to give confidence to amputees all around the world.”

So, again, we would like to offer Mark and Racheal a huge congratulations on their success and achievement with LIMB-art, and look forward to seeing their business grow even further.