The StartUp Awards National Series was built around the ever-growing number of start-ups across the UK, with almost 80 businesses starting an hour, the rise of start-ups is in full force - and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. At The StartUp Awards National Series, we look to discover and celebrate some of the newest and most talented StartUp businesses of the moment. As well as our mission to champion these startups, we are dedicated to supporting them far beyond just the awards shows. We aim to provide them with resources and opportunities to help them excel in their business journey, and any other ventures they may take on. 

As the startup community continues to grow, we are so excited to join forces with GS1 to help power your businesses to trade seamlessly, efficiently and safely – both digitally and physically. Whether online, in-store or in a hospital, the common language of GS1 UK standards is to help their community uniquely identify, describe and track anything globally, creating greater trust in data for everyone. GS1 cares about their community and wants to see the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses succeed - highlighting everything we stand for her at the StartUp Awards National Series.

Sarah Atkins, Chief Marketing Officer and Membership Director, of GS1 UK said, “GS1 UK offers global product identifiers – also known as GTINs or barcodes – that allows businesses to sell their products on any marketplace, instore or online. The majority of our 57,000 members are small businesses, which is why we are excited to partner with the GBEA National Start-up Awards. As part of the partnership, GS1 UK will show our support, not just for our members, but also for founders across the UK.”

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, at the StartUp Awards National Series, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with GS1, a business that similarly to us cares about the future of business and is doing what it can to give the entrepreneurial community a safe and efficient journey. With their commitment to bettering the business world, and helping get startups off their feet in a safe and secure environment, their partnership truly seemed like a natural fit. We believe with the support of GS1, the future of startups will be huge”