ConXhub explains why the ability to communicate effectively is vital for businesses:

‘Enjoy the journey!’ is what they say.

Founding teams wear multiple hats to fight fires at the same time as controlling the long-term vision for the company. Passion drives the employees, from the top down, with everyone engaged in the process of developing and growing a company from nothing to something.

Once you have the idea, team and some seed cash you build out the proposition, define the services and start to market it to the target audience. There is often little data to go on, so assumptions and experience guide the direction of the company until marketing and sales can take over.

In short, everyone’s run ragged.

Consequently, it is the ability to communicate (within the team and externally) that will make or break the journey.

The journey

The seed of the conXhub proposition came from a practical request. The founder moved from the UK to Spain and needed a new number for work and personal life. A close family member cracked a joke about only being able to remember the UK numbers and the idea was born.

The upheaval of emigration usually throws up challenges – not least, staying in touch with friends and family back home and being reachable, “just in case”, while working to build a new network.

The only solution available was via VOIP. That tech is fine, as long as the flexible location and call quality/duration are not priorities.

Since when has ‘fine’ been OK?

What was needed was a landline and business numbers available on a mobile phone, working in exactly the same way and in conjunction with the mobile number itself. Primarily working over GSM / Carrier networks, but with the backup of VoIP and internet calling. And with different displays and notifications for the different phone lines.

As it didn’t exist already, we invented it. Sound familiar?

The idea for conXhub grew from there. From personal passion to international growth is a common theme across our community.

We support start-ups because we are one, still. We have some scale now, but our journey, our pains, our successes and our failures can be used to support the next generation.

Feel free to reach out and chew the fat at or call us on 0208 099 889

The pain

Fear the unknowns.

Contracts for rent, communications, software and even staff are common problems that typically require a time (and therefore money) commitment.

A landlord might ask for a 3-year lease, a telecoms company requires a 1-year contract, and employees require notice periods. Your customer group might turn out to be completely different from your initial assumption, or in a completely different region.

Flexibility removes fear.

Hiring more staff at short notice is expensive. Hiring overseas is cheaper and faster. Save money – no office space, hardware, contracts etc. But…communications must remain at the heart of your operation – keeping the extended team focused, together, trained and in touch doesn’t require regular flights. It does require communication if your operations and culture are going to flourish.

International calling on your mobile phone is an essential tool.

Free calls

All of the common destinations for offshore work now have great mobile connections – from call centres in the Philippines or India, tech contractors in Eastern Europe, lead generation from Ireland, etc. All places are well-suited to building a truly mobile communications platform – using any current contracts and hardware.

And all using our free international calling service for example :)

Free International calls with no contract enable you to set up your global offices and remain local to your customers and clients, grow your business while also remaining in contact with friends and family back home. Add in a new number so they can call you for free, too.

With a Mobile Plan from conXhub you can stay in contact with everyone, anywhere, anytime.