Serial entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author and Great British Businesswoman Judge, Sahar Hashemi teams up with Ellie Webb, founder of Caleno, on her latest project - Buy Women Built.

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Buy Women Built, co-founded by Sahar is an online platform that creates an empowering space for people to buy from women-built brands, the platform and campaign encourages and enables more success for businesswomen, and promotes the benefits of buying from these brands. 

Discussing the project, Sahar told us:  “I’m currently focused on my campaign ‘Buy Women Built’, a consumer campaign aiming to shine a light on the women-built consumer brands that we have all around us that we don’t know are women built, that you probably drink all the time, and never even knew they were woman built

“The full project focuses on shining a light on and connecting gen Z with women-built brands. My fridge is currently full of women-built products, my bathrooms full of women-built products, so im definitely showing my solidarity in terms of buying, wearing, eating and drinking women built.”

Launching soon, Buy Women Built will be a place where female-founded businesses from multiple industries can be bought in one spot - and the fun-filled non-alcoholic brand founded by Ellie Webb is one of those businesses.   

Discussing her joining Buy Women Built, Ellie said: “It’s incredibly important that we raise the profile of female entrepreneurs so that consumers can choose to buy from us, and young women can opt to follow in our footsteps. I started my business alone, with zero experience, so I know movements like these can make a real difference.”

“Buy Women Built is such a supportive and welcoming community, which aims to celebrate, inspire and collaborate.. I personally can’t wait to see this community continue to grow and bring visibility to even more female entrepreneurs.”

To learn more, or join the movement, visit: