Diversity is a big challenge to everyone in business these days.

And here at Business West we believe we have role to play in diversity so that our staff and member businesses have a wide pool of experience and skillsets.

“A more diverse business is a business that makes better decisions,” says Jessica Vallentine, Head of Service Integration for Business West.

That’s why we were enthusiastic about becoming involved in the West of England Black Interns Pilot, organised by one of our members in Bristol, Hargreaves Lansdown in partnership with Bristol City Council.

The project offered up to 50 paid internships to students living or studying in the region for four weeks in September.

We welcomed Ruchita Pandya and Simi Rotimi to spend their internship time with us, and Jessica told me:

“They have added so much to us-they are both amazing individuals who will go on to do great things.”

I agree that they are inspiring women, and I enjoyed talking to them. It was obvious they enjoyed their time with us too.

Source: BusinessFirst