The StartUp Award National Series is delighted to announce our latest partnership with Admiral.

Admiral (1)

The StartUp Award National Series helps champion and support the ever-growing number of start-ups across the UK. We look to discover and celebrate some of the most talented businesses of the moment, that has been established in the last three years. As well as our mission to champion these startups, we are dedicated to supporting them far beyond just the awards shows. We aim to provide them with resources and opportunities to help them excel in their business journey, and any other ventures they may take on - and with the help of partners like Admiral, we are able to fulfil this mission. 

As the startup community continues to grow, we are so excited to join forces with Admiral who are committed to helping seed, launch and scale new business initiatives. Their latest initiative, Admiral Pioneer will anchor around meeting customer needs in insurance and non-insurance growth areas. Achieving this by experimenting and proving new products, business models and partnerships through a disciplined, discovery-driven approach.

Based on innovation and organic growth, Admiral is proud to be Wales’ only FTSE 100 company. The Group has a global presence operating in eight countries with a diverse product portfolio, including its most successful product; motor insurance, in which it holds the highest market share in the UK. 

Admiral has consistently been recognised as one of the best places to work in the UK. Its progressive culture, core values, and commitment to diversity and inclusion has created a working environment where people share ideas, aren’t afraid to speak up and truly feel valued. Above all else, Admiral is committed to helping more people to look after their future, always striving for better together - one of the many reasons why we are proud to partner with Admiral. 

Steve Wilson, Chief Digital and Marking Officer at Admiral says, “We’re excited to be part of the Welsh StartUp Awards this year. As a Welsh-based company, we know just how much talent there is, and it’s great to see that being recognised. We’re particularly pleased to be involved with the Digital Start-Up category because across our products and business, we’re striving to implement digital practices, and continue our transition towards Admiral 2.0, built for a digital-first world. We wish all the nominees success, both in the StartUp Awards and into the future, as their businesses continue to develop and grow.”

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, at the StartUp Awards National Series, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Admiral, a highly respected business that similarly to us, is constantly striving to improve the business community. Their ever-growing resources, and adaptation to the changing business world is outstanding, and with their support and resources, I believe our StartUp community will thrive.”