Research conducted by the World Economic Forum has found that reaching gender parity across work, health and politics globally will take 132 years at the current rate of progress.


In a report that explores global gender equality across economic opportunity, education, health and political empowerment, Iceland was found to have closed its gender gap the most, with Finland and Norway following. The UK was ranked at number 22. The report highlighted that women’s participation in the labour market had been hit by the pandemic, particularly due to the burden of care falling on women, with gender parity globally at its lowest level since 2006.

The topic is currently trending on Linkedin and people are sharing their thoughts and opinions on the subject - read the Linkedin thread here, and have your say. 

Though things are being done, and practices are being put in place to increase more women in the workplace, and especially in leadership roles, there is clearly still so much more that needs to be done to get to a place where gender equality is the norm.  

So, how can you do your bit to close the gap in workplace gender inequality?

  • Understand the importance and prevalence of gender equality 

  • Focus on diversity during your recruitment process

  • Equal pay in roles 

  • Create fair compensation and promotion procedures

  • Give praise and champion your employees 

  • Offer flexible and supportive employee benefits

  • Create a diversity and inclusion training programme

  • Hold people accountable for mistreatment - including managers 

  • Build an inclusive company culture

  • Pay attention to political changes 

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