‘Trust’ is set to be the word of the moment for 2022.

We’ve broadly stopped ‘trusting’ politicians, and there is increasing evidence that our buying decisions are dependent on the ‘trust’ we have in the products we are looking at and the businesses selling them. So for sales growth this year how does a business build the trust? And how can the Great British Entrepreneur Awards help you?

Here are three facts and three things to focus on:

  • 9 out of 10 of us buy based on reviews and recommendations
  • 1 out of 10 of us trust social media
  • 43% of us trust print journalists, and 58% broadcast journalists

So, focus on:

  • Size
    Looking as big as the next business through an active website including a Media Page showing press releases about your business.
  • Trust
    Make PR a key part of your marketing to build a presence in the media with endorsement from trusted journalists through coverage of your press releases.
  • Recommendations
    Get your business in the journalists’ recommendations lists through timely press releases and responding to their requests for product ideas.

Check out this Top Tips blog by our PR Partner JournoLink, and see how the GBEA PR package can do the heavy lifting for you in helping you grow sales through PR.