In a recent article, we shared the six steps to awards show success, discussing with Donna O’Toole, founder of August Recognition, the six most important pillars you need to ensure you’re including in your application form. 


So, now you know how to create the best awards application, your next question may be, “Why should I apply for an awards programme?” 

Entering an awards programme, whether you win, or are shortlisted, can be great for your business in many ways, including increasing your credibility, expanding reach and exposure, and it’s also a great way to network with other businesses, and potential investors. 

Great British Entrepreneur Awards winner, Johnny Paterson, founder of DR.PAWPAW, said “The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are the Oscars of the entrepreneurial world in the UK. It has literally catapulted the Dr.PAWPAW business and put us front and centre of the minds of many investors. If I hadn’t had the honour of winning as the overall national Great British Entrepreneur of the Year I don’t believe we would have gained this interest so early on in our business journey.” 

Discussing the benefits of entering awards programmes, whether that be the Great British Entrepreneur Awards or any others, Donna says that there are a number of reasons why entering awards programmes is so beneficial for your business, including; 

  • The entrepreneurial world can be a lonely place, and getting validation and trust can really help you feel seen
  • It can help grow your business and move you forward with what you want to achieve 
  • If you have a real purpose for your business, awards programmes can help you spread the message that you want people to receive 
  • It is free exposure and recognition for your business with most awards programmes application processes being free of charge
  • It introduces you to a community of like-minded people who can help advance you and your business
  • Can open doors to investment opportunities and put your business front and centre
  • Lastly, you have absolutely nothing to lose and all to gain 

Watch the full conversation with Donna O’Toole here

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