The Starling Podcast is back! With the coronavirus outbreak confining many of us to home, our headline partner take a look at how Starling Bank is now working with an entirely virtual team. Podcast host Jason Maude, chief technology advocate, talks with colleagues Sarah Deakin, web content developer, and Chris Bowers, tech lead for the public APIs team.


The Starling Podcast has been a feature of Starling Bank since the beginning. We’ve aimed to give people a glimpse behind the curtain into how the bank is built and what principles we apply to its construction. For a while now we have wanted to record another series of the Starling podcast, and the current unique situation we find ourselves in provides an opportunity to do so.

Our new episode is about working with an entirely virtual team. Many organisations of the size Starling is now at will have teams or individuals working remotely, but almost no one will have experienced a situation in which everyone is individually working remotely. In this podcast episode, we explore what “everyone working from home” is like and share our experience of doing it.

Future podcasts will include exploration of the splitting up of platform, ethics in technology, and Starling’s technical philosophy of rampant pragmatism.

Discover our latest episode, Virtual Teams, by searching for the Starling Podcast on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app.

Originally featured on the Starling Bank website.