2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and what better way to celebrate it than to take a look back at some of the amazing talents we have seen over the years.

The last decade is definitely something worth celebrating, and we expect the awards are only going to get bigger and better – as last year alone we received 4800 entries, filled with amazing entrepreneurs. 

Johnny Patterson

Previous winner, now judge Johnny Paterson, Co-Founder of Dr.PAWPAW, is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and marketing expert. As well as running his brand Johnny also works closely with Gov+ as a UK London Export Champion, providing advice for businesses looking to grow their export business around the world. 

In 2013 alongside his wife Pauline, Johnny launched the brand Dr.PAWPAW, a multi-purpose family product line, which is now a globally regarded multi-award-winning and internationally available brand. Philanthropy, steered by Johnny’s personal approach and influence on the brand, sees Dr.PAWPAW embark on multiple charity partnerships year on year. This year alone they have raised and donated over £50k to Teenage Cancer Trust through a collaborative product. 

Johnny is very hands-on with the brand and oversees all sectors of the business from marketing, branding, social media, production and sales, and manages a growing team of dedicated staff.

We caught up with Johnny to discuss the upcoming anniversary of the awards, and take a look back on how winning has affected him and Dr.PAWPAW. Johnny gives us some tips for future entrepreneurs and tells us what’s next for Dr.PAWPAW. 

What does being a Great British Entrepreneur Awards winner mean to you, and how has winning this award helped your business?

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are the Oscars of the entrepreneurial world in the UK. It has literally catapulted the Dr.PAWPAW business and put us front and centre of the minds of many investors.  If I hadn’t had the honour of winning as the overall national Great British Entrepreneur of the year I don’t believe we would have gained this interest so early on in our business journey. We are now in conversation with many investors that want to help grow Dr.PAWPAW and take us to the next level of our business plan. Thank you to the GBEA for making this possible. 

You’re now a judge on the panel, so how does it feel to be giving back to the next generation of entrepreneurs, and what advice would you give?

I absolutely loved judging the awards last year and I feel very humbled to be asked at such a young stage in both my career and also the business. It was really great looking at all the entries and I do have one piece of really great advice I wish to share. One of the things I did notice throughout judging was the lack of numbers, for us numbers are everything i.e your turnover, your profit and showing that you have a real understanding that your business needs to be profitable and successful. For me, this factor clearly demonstrates the foundations of a great business and a great entrepreneur. 

“We are looking for great business acumen, people with that spark that creates amazing ideas, and that ’go out and get them’ attitude which are traits of a great entrepreneur.”

We’ve loved being a part of your business’s journey and are always excited to hear about your success. What can we expect next from Dr.PAWPAW?

We’re launching into more retailers in the United States this year and we’re also launching across all of the Far East including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China, so Dr.PAWPAW will start to truly feel global! As well as this we will continue with our philanthropic work and give away another large sum of money to various charities this year. We are also really excited about our NPD launch later this year which will see us bring a capsule range of ten SKUS to the market – I can’t tell you what it is yet but it’s going to be amazing! Watch this space. 


Dr.PAWPAW and its success over the last few years is a great example of what you can achieve as an entrepreneur. We’re really excited to see their continued growth and look forward to what the future holds for them. 

To be in with the chance of winning this year’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards register your interest here.