Previous winner of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Dr.PAWPAW was created in 2013 by Johnny & Pauline Paterson and is a UK made and manufactured brand.

Dr.PAWPAW’s philosophy has always been to make inclusive beauty products with the main mission to create multi-use products for everybody. Pioneers of the skincare meet cosmetic movement, meaning the products not only make you look and feel good but also benefit and improve the skin at the same time. Dr.PAWPAW is fully vegan, cruelty-free and uses a host of organic and sustainably sourced ingredients to formulate its, multi-award-winning products. With their products, Dr.PAWPAW wants to be the brand that always gives back… 

A huge shoutout to the amazing team at Dr.PAWPAW, for raising £50,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. 


November 2020 saw Dr.PAWPAW release their first collaborative product, the Dr.PAWPAW X Teenage Cancer Trust Shimmer balm, where 15p from each sale goes to Teenage Cancer Trust. In addition to this, a % of Dr.PAWPAW’s annual sales has also been donated to help support the incredible work that the charity does. 

So, why Teenage Cancer Trust? 

The Teenage Cancer Trust is dedicated to meeting the complex and unique needs of all teenagers and young adults who are diagnosed with cancer. They provide the best possible place for young people, physically, mentally and emotionally, throughout their cancer treatment and beyond. Everyone at Teenage Cancer Trust is committed to a vision of a world where cancer doesn’t stop young people from living their lives. 

‘We always wanted to do a collaboration product, and when we embarked on our partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust it was a perfect fit. We could use our packaging to showcase the amazing stories from young people that have been helped by Teenage Cancer Trust. Our products could also genuinely help by hydrating and soothing the skin and lips of those receiving treatment, and also the dedicated nurses.’ – Pauline Patterson, Co-Founder at Dr.PAWPAW

To get the message of the Teenage Cancer Trusts mission across, Dr.PAWPAW printed four moving stories from young people who are being or have been helped by Teenage Cancer Trust feature on the back of the Dr.PAWPAW X Teenage Cancer Trust Shimmer Balm packaging. These highlight the amazing support of the charity’s nurses, youth support teams, and special hospital wards that help ensure no young person goes through cancer alone. In February 2022 these stories will be replaced with four new stories from young people helped by the charity, and provide a platform for these inspiring journeys to be shared around the world.

DrPAWPAW Packaging

‘A massive thank you to Dr.PAWPAW for the incredible amount they’ve raised since joining us as a charity partner last year. They have been fantastic, supporting Teenage Cancer Trust in so many ways. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we are absolutely thrilled that Teenage Cancer Trust will continue to be Dr.PAWPAW’s charity partner through the sale of the award-winning Dr.PAWPAW shimmer balm’  – Steffanie Allen, Partnership Manager at Teenage Cancer Trust 

As well as the money raised through the sales of the product for Teenage Cancer Trust, Co-Founder, Johnny Patterson furthered the support by taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2021, raising £6,301 for the charity. 

‘As a brand, we give back where we can, and giving back has always been at the core of our business. It is really important to us both and our team that we contribute and strive to do good. We wanted to work with the Teenage Cancer Trust for some time and admire the work they do for young people with cancer, who deserve to enjoy life despite their illness, and we are proud to be supporting an organisation that strives to deliver to our younger generation in this way’ – Johnny Patterson, Co-Founder at Dr.PAWPAW  

For more information on the collaboration and to give your bit to Teenage Cancer Trust, check out the Dr.PAWPAW shimmer balm here.