The award-winning podcast Success Is In The Mind has really taken off!

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The podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur and the Great British Entrepreneur, 2020 Pivot Entrepreneur of the Year, Oliver Bruce and produced by his company PinPoint Media, has announced they are partnering with Virgin Atlantic to provide the show’s top 10 episodes to passengers flying with Virgin.

This partnership is a huge opportunity and will open up a potential audience of 5 million listeners through Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Vera’. Success Is In The Mind has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2021 and is set to skyrocket with this new partnership. 

Initially self-funded by Oliver’s business, the podcast has reached the top 50 in the UK, with the growth and success of the podcast being put down to the consistent high-quality production, the calibre of guests and the genuine passion from those involved in the show. It has gone on to win the Campaign PR & Publishing Award for Best Business Podcast and has been reported to generate revenues of six figures through sponsorship deals and speaking events.

This new partnership deal with Virgin Atlantic is set to last a minimum of 6 months and will likely open the podcast up to a whole new global audience.

Discussing the latest partnership, founder, CEO and podcast host Oliver Bruce said: “I started the podcast because during tough times, which we all go through, I wanted to see how other founder entrepreneurs dealt with issues and barriers first-hand. It just so happens I wasn’t the only person that was interested in this.”

The self-proclaimed ‘Podcasting CEO’ has had a huge range of amazing guests on the show, such as the founder of WPP Sir Martin Sorrell, ad man Johnny Hornby, co-founder of Huboo Martin Bysh, Octopus Energy CEO and founder Greg Jackson as well as founders from the likes of THIS, Ecologi, Thursday DatingHERA and Tenzing Drinks.

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