Oliver Bruce speaks with fellow GBEA alumni Melanie Goldsmith, co-founder of Smith & Sinclair during this weeks Success Is In The Mind podcast episode.


Initially a byproduct of a dating board game (pre Tinder/Bumble) Smith & Sinclair brought to market alcoholic gummy sweets. 3 days after launching Smith & Sinclair landed an order for over 20,000 sweets. With little infrastructure, no kitchen facilities or manufacturing arm Melanie, her family and her friends spent 2 months hand making their first sizeable order! 

After leaving her job in the events space Melanie sold a family heirloom for what she thought would be a few thousand pounds, it wasn’t… This seed capital is what set Smith & Sinclair off on the right foot. 

Manufacturing alcoholic sweets however come with it’s complexities. From having stock held ransom by their first manufacturer to learning how to expand into the USA as well as brokering deals with some of the UK’s biggest luxury stores Melanie and her team have really come up against almost every hurdle. 

Smith & Sinclair recently diversified into CBD products selling and buying back their business in the space of the last 12 months (2019/2020)