Step into the sustainable style revolution with Simon and Helen Payne, the dynamic duo behind Sole Responsibility, finalists at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, transforming the fashion industry one step at a time.

Simon and Helen Payne are the founders of Sole Responsibility, an innovative sustainable resale business making waves in the fashion industry. Launched in 2015, Sole Responsibility specialises in reselling and taking back seconds – products with minor defects that would otherwise end up in landfills – and giving them a new life by selling them to environmentally-conscious consumers.


Inspired by Simon’s upbringing in a single-parent household where money and resources were scarce, and a shared passion for seeking out bargains at car boot sales, Simon and Helen founded Sole Responsibility to tackle the enormous waste problem in the fashion industry. Their goal is simple but impactful: to help all retailers and brands make the most of their seconds and returned stock so that perfectly wearable products are never thrown away.

In just six years, Sole Responsibility has saved over 100,000 pairs of shoes from going to waste. Their biggest achievement came in 2021 when they were named an official sustainability partner of major retailer JD Sports. The partnership is a pivotal moment demonstrating the shift in the industry as big brands align themselves with Simon and Helen’s vision.

Beyond the success of their business, Simon and Helen aim to create change at every level. They want to transform how brands and retailers perceive and deal with seconds, open consumers’ eyes to the opportunity of buying sustainable yet stylish products, and influence real change in purchasing habits.

As finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship”, Simon and Helen are being recognised for their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to building a business that benefits both the environment and the economy. To learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs and their important mission, visit