Along with our partners Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself on supporting exciting entrepreneurs making waves in the UK. Here are our 15 most exciting health & fitness entrepreneurs to watch in 2021. 

Reaching for the Starlings- 15 health and fitness entrepreneurs to watch in 2021


As society becomes more mindful of its physical and mental health, entrepreneurs are focusing their attention on creating businesses designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. From apps, gadgets and equipment to clothing, food and drink, the UK’s health and fitness industries are flourishing.

Along with our partners Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself on supporting exciting entrepreneurs making waves in the UK. Here are our 15 most exciting health & fitness entrepreneurs to watch in 2021. 


Dr. Ben Maruthappu MBE - Cera Care

Dr. Ben Maruthappu MBE is the founder of Cera Care, a tech-enabled care company designed to help people live longer, healthier lives. Cera uses smart technology to monitor users’ health, identify health concerns and avoid unnecessary hospital visits. Its app also makes admin easier, allowing carers to spend more time looking after patients.


Dami Howells - Damihow

Dami Howells is the founder of Damihow, a ‘functional and fashionable’ fitness wear fitnesswear brand on a mission to help people feel better through fitness without having to compromise on style. Its fabrics and shapes are designed in a way that offers function during exercise, but also comfort as everyday leisurewear.


Damian Soong, Natalia Bojanic & Pete O’Donoghue - Form Nutrition

Damian Soong, Natalia Bojanic and Pete O’Donoghue are the co-founders of Form Nutrition, a plant-based protein and nootropics brand. A certified B Corp, Form Nutrition’s goal is to empower people to ‘realise the greatest version of themselves while being mindful of others’. As part of its mission to help others, the business also supports Bangsang Hospital in The Gambia.

Arjun Sofat - Free Soul

Arjun Sofat is the founder of Free Soul, a nutrition business that focuses entirely on the unique needs of women, whether it’s gaining muscle, losing weight sustainably or maintaining a healthy balance. Its range includes both whey and vegan protein powders and meal replacement shakes and vitamin gummies.


Ryan Scollan, Jamie Kiff & Tom Smith - Gscience

Ryan Scollan, Jamie Kiff & Tom Smith are the co-founders of Gscience, a health and performance platform for esports gamers. Gscience’s data platform allows gamers to track and monitor key health indicators like sleep, stress and hydration to prevent burnout and injuries while optimising themselves for peak performance.


Suzie Walker - Keto Collective

Suzie Walker is the founder of Keto Collective, a range of snack bars that adhere to the keto diet. Each bar - with flavours including chocolate, sea salt, salted caramel and classic coconut - is made from 100% natural ingredients, 100% vegan and gluten-free while offering a source of protein and fibre.


Christian Phillip Mercer - PositivePlusOne

Christian Phillip Mercer is the founder of PositivePlusOne, a social app for the HIV community. It provides a safe and secure environment for people who are HIV positive to connect, meet new people, get support and share their experiences free from stigma and judgement.


James Jameson - Rise

James Jameson is the founder of Rise, an employee wellbeing platform for remote workers. The all-in-one platform allows businesses to manage their workforce services and build high-performing teams in one place. Employees can choose sessions on everything from fitness and yoga, to nutrition, diet and mental and emotional health.


Chantelle Bell & Anya Roy - Syrona Health

Chantelle Bell and Anya Roy are the co-founders of Syrona Health, an app and virtual assistant platform designed to provide relief for women with chronic gynaecological conditions like endometriosis. It uses machine learning to track users’ data and provide actionable, personalised insights to better manage their conditions.


Dr Jason Wersland - Therabody

Dr Jason Wersland is the founder of Therabody, a range of percussive therapy products. With five products in the range, the Theragun is a massage gun designed to stimulate and accelerate the muscles’ natural healing process. Therabody counts some of the world’s biggest sport stars and football teams among its fans, including Real Madrid C.F., Manchester City FC and Paris Saint Germain FC.


Dr Nick Taylor, Nick Tong, Ry Morgan & Steve Peralta - Unmind

Dr Nick Taylor, Nick Tong, Ry Morgan and Steve Peralta are the co-founders of Unmind, a workplace mental health and wellbeing platform. It’s mission is to empower staff to live more balanced and fulfilling lives by changing the way employers think about mental health.


Marc & Lara Giusti, and Steve Marson - Veloforte

Marc and Lara Giusti, and Steve Marson are the co-founders of Veloforte, a range of ‘natural, powerful and delicious’ snack products. Containing only natural ingredients, its ‘Great Taste’ award-winning bars are free from gluten and dairy, and are designed to meet the needs of pro athletes and those with everyday routines.


Georgina Kirby & Rayna Patel - Vinehealth

Georgina Kirby and Rayna Patel are the co-founders of Vinehealth, a mobile app created to support patients through their cancer treatment. Led by a board of experienced clinicians and health professionals, it helps users to track their symptoms, manage their medication and understand their care.


Joshua Uwadiae - WeGym

Joshua Uwadiae is the founder of WeGym, a platform that allows people to book personal trainers for sessions at home, at the park or in a partner gym. Users can book one-off 1-2-1, personalised sessions or book a programme with a trainer who will create and deliver personalised one-to-one sessions.


Kat Pither - Yogi Bare

Kat Pither is the founder of Yogi Bare, a range of premium yoga mats and accessories. As a yogi herself, Kat describes the business as “the physical manifestation of the idea that yoga is for everybody and every body”. All of its products are made using sustainable or ethically-sourced materials.