Being your own boss, creating a business idea and showcasing your entrepreneurial skills are big achievements and should be celebrated which is why this list has compiled 15 inspiring and innovative start-ups that should be on your radar.


From apps that combine gaming and fitness to sustainable fashion labels, there are many fabulous ideas that have been envisioned from businesses set up in the last 5 years and the competition is more fierce now than ever! 

Alongside our partner Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself in supporting and celebrating the most talented entrepreneurs in the UK.

Read on to find out about some of the top start-up businesses and their inspirational business ventures – in our 15 Start-ups entrepreneurs to watch list in 2022. 

Christian Facey & Wilfred Obeng - AudioMob (2020)

Co-founders Christian Facey and Wilfred Obeng are the brains behind AudioMob, a non-intrusive audio ad solution that enables the monetisation of mobile gamers. AudioMob essentially allows brands to connect with gamers without interrupting their gaming experience as they are all in-game audio ads. This allows developers to make better games with a gaming experience that is non-invasive and has no interruptions.

Paul Jameson, Ben May & Dave Jameson - Aura (2019) 

Aura, founded by Paul Jameson, Ben May and Dave Jameson, focuses on helping people celebrate life and death. The platform helps to facilitate important conversations surrounding death between family and friends. Aura essentially provides support for people in their final days, months or years. Founder Paul Jameson suffers from motor neurone disease and believes that the best way to ensure peace of mind at the end of life is to prepare for it and so Aura was born. Since launching, Aura has helped 90,000 people with its tools, guides and communities. 

Agnes Mwakatuma - Black Minds Matter U.K.  (2020)

Black Minds Matter UK was founded by Agnes Mwakatuma which is a mental health charity that aims to make mental health services more accessible for Black communities. To achieve this, it connects Black people living in the UK with licensed and certified Black therapists and 12 sessions of free therapy are offered. 

Benjamin Billows & Anthony Koumi - BullyBillows (2017)

Co-founded by managing directors Benjamin Billows and Anthony Koumi, BullyBillows specialises in a wide variety of strong but soft collars, leads, harnesses and accessories for your dog. The products on offer at BullyBillows are both sturdy, stylish and are also made to last. They can be used for day-to-day activities or for training purposes. 

Lenna Onto & Isobel Robson - Clay Nation (2021)

Clay Nation was co-founded by Lenna Onto and Isobel Robson and is an NFT project made up of 10,000 algorithmically-generated clay characters. All 10,000 NFTs were sold in just a few hours and they have also partnered with Good Charlotte and Snoop Dogg and his team in order to build out Clay Nation into a virtual festival environment. Each unique Clay Nation character is a one of a kind NFT and no two Clay Nation characters are the same.

Gina Farran & Chris Mosedale - Glaize (2020)

Gina Farran and Chris Mosedale founded Glaize, a start-up that uses technology to create made-to-measure gel manicures that you can apply from the comfort of your own home. Glaize aims to simplify the process of getting a manicure, making it easily accessible for everyone. They offer an alternative way to get your nails done that is easier, faster and more sustainable while still retaining salon quality. Using patent-pending technology, Glaize produces made-to-measure gels that are sized exactly to your nails. 

Adnan Ebrahim & Gabor Szedlak - MindLabs (2020)

MindLabs, a live mental wellness app, was co-founded by Adnan Ebrahim and Gabor Szedlak aiming to deliver happiness through a video-first meditation app. The video-first classes are delivered by expert instructors and are backed by neuroscience in order to help you stress less, sleep better, feel more energised and happier. MindLabs is essentially changing the way we access mental health support.

Matthew Wilson & Guenther Eisinger - Omnipresent (2019)

Omnipresent, founded by Matthew Wilson & Guenther Eisinger, aims to simplify the process of hiring and paying employees. The world has shifted toward the method of remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Omnipresent aims to make issues surrounding this easier. They act as a local employer and help companies employ local teams worldwide at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves. 

Martin Tweedie, Cameron Brookhouse, Doug Stidolph & Lorenzo Spreafico - Quell (2020)

Quell was founded by Martin Tweedie, Cameron Brookhouse, Doug Stidolph & Lorenzo Spreafico aiming to combine immersive gaming experiences with full-body workouts. Players attach a harness-like controller to their torso and arms to help them navigate the gaming world by punching or moving around. The workout can be customised to suit an individual’s needs by using resistance bands to enhance the intensity of the exercises. 

Petr Nikolaev & Thomas Mann - Raycast (2020)

Petr Nikolaev & Thomas Mann are co-founders of Raycast, a quick launcher that lets you control your tools with just a few keystrokes. Raycast aims to make it easy for you to control your tools with limited keystrokes without the need for context switching. Raycast was born due to the slow interfaces, web browsers and products currently available that were not built for efficient workflows. 

Carrie Rose - Rise at Seven (2019)

Carrie Rose is founder of Rise at Seven, a creative SEO agency that delivers award-winning creative campaigns and content for their clients. Rise at Seven specialises in delivering search first creative executions for global brands or brands aiming to be globally recognised. They use creative content marketing and digital brand building strategies in order to get their clients to come up even when people aren’t searching for their brands. 

Josephine Phillips - Sojo (2020) 

Sojo was founded by Josephine Phillips with the purpose of making the fashion industry more circular by bringing the clothing repair and tailoring sector into the 21st century. This takes shape in the form of an app that simplifies the process of ordering and fulfilling clothing alterations and repairs. It connects customers with local seamster businesses to ensure that getting your clothes fixed or repaired is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Sharmadean Reid MBE - The Stack World (2019)

Entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid founded The Stack World, originally Beautystack - a platform where you could book beauty services has now transformed into a members-only exclusive club. As a member of the online community you can access content, events and a members directory which can open up many business opportunities and meetings with people who you would like to network with. 

George Rawlings & Matthew McNeill Love - Thursday (2018)

George Rawlings and Matthew McNeill Love founded Thursday - a dating app that only works one day a week. Born from the belief that if you have too much of something then you may start getting bored of it, on Thursdays users are able to search, match and chat with other users for a limited time of 24 hours. When midnight strikes all of your matches and chats will not be saved which encourages singles to set up dates and take dating seriously which helps to avoid time wasters. 

Ngoni Chikwenengere - We are Kin (2017)

Founded by designer Ngoni Chikwenengere, We are Kin is a sustainable clothing label from East London that is all about simplicity. Using clean silhouettes and timeless clothing pieces ensures that garments from We are Kin will stand the test of time and avoid following trends and fads that will eventually pass. The fabrics used are all end-of-line, sustainable and available in a vast range of sizes. If you are unable to find your size then Ngoni will custom make a piece just for you.