Alongside our partner Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards takes great pride in celebrating entrepreneurs who are leaving their stamp on the world of business! Read on to find out what exciting health and beauty entrepreneurs you should be keeping your eye on in 2022. 


The health and beauty sector has had a revamp in 2022 and the industry is booming with exciting and talented entrepreneurs. In the wake of the pandemic, we have all been encouraged to put our health and wellbeing at the forefront and this has meant that many inspiring ideas have developed as a result. Creating an innovative product in the world of health and beauty can oftentimes be difficult as it may be hard to find your niche, however, the 15 amazing entrepreneurs in this list have done just that and are paving the way for ingenious ideas. 

Alongside our partner Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards takes great pride in celebrating entrepreneurs who are leaving their stamp on the world of business! Read on to find out what exciting health and beauty entrepreneurs you should be keeping your eye on in 2022. 

Charlie Lucas & Simon Cook - Apex Rides

Apex, founded by Charlie Lucas & Simon Cook, is an affordable, at-home smart bike app that launched in 2018. They partnered with Boom Cycle, a London spin studio, to help create class content and there are now hundreds of on demand classes on their app. The design of the bike has been carefully considered and follows a clean, elegant, unisex design that contains a neutral colour scheme to fit in with all interior designs. The classes help make cycling fun and you will be rewarded with Apex points and access to a music library. 

Lauren Bell - Cosi Care

Lauren Bell is the founder of Cosi Care - a business dedicated to helping families manage skin disease. Cosi Care offers alternative products to both children and parents in order to help them through the challenges of managing problematic skin. The products all have an aim of improving quality of life and they are designed by eczema sufferers for eczema sufferers. The brand has a deep understanding of the problems that can arise and is on a mission to tackle the often frustrating symptoms of itchy skin.

Michelle Feeney - Floral Street

Floral Street, founded by Michelle Feeney, brings mood-enhancing scents for every home in a sustainable and green way. With her background in cult global beauty brands, Michelle has experience in many different beauty avenues which means she is very knowledgeable when it comes to fragrances. The main motivation for Floral Street was to create sustainable fine fragrances at an affordable price. This gives consumers the choice to make ethical decisions and at the same time ensure they smell beautiful!

Rahel Tesfai - Frohub

Rahel Tesfai founded Frohub in 2018 and it essentially provides an online booking marketplace for the black hair and beauty industry. The brand hopes to empower women through technology and serve a community that has been described as ‘under-served.’ Frohub also serves as a forum where black women can discover ways to take better care of their hair, read blogs and watch tutorials. 

Tiffany Salmon - Glow Hub

Tiffany Salmon is founder of Glow Hub, a vegan skincare brand that consists of targeted solutions, simple routines and aesthetically pleasing packaging. The formula is both vegan and cruelty-free to make targeted skincare that works without being harsh regardless of someone’s skin type. Glow Hub appeals to a younger audience as it embodies all of the things that they care about the most! 

Ranjan Singh - Health Hero

Health Hero, founded by Ranjan Singh, aims to revolutionise the healthcare industry by offering users a multitude of virtual healthcare services which are delivered 24/7 via phone, video call and online chat. Their digital triage tool acts essentially as a navigator which will point someone to the right practitioner or treatment that can be accessed through the bespoke communication tools on hand. Health Hero makes it easier for people to better manage their health by providing convenience across a wide range of health services.

Sid Baveja - Humanery

Sid Baveja is the founder of Humanery, a company built for the male consumer. However, 30% of their sales come from women purchasing products for men in aim of empowering them with better self-care and grooming products. Humanery is an online destination for men to purchase the best self-care products. The idea stems from the fact that many men may still feel alienated from the world of beauty, grooming and wellness. Humanery aims to change this by encouraging men to feel and look great!

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill - Jennis

Jennis is an app designed by Jessica Ennis-Hill that will change your approach to fitness and periods combined. The app has been developed specifically for women and it extends way beyond just being a period tracker, Jennis helps to create a bespoke fitness plan for those with a natural period cycle based on their unique symptoms, patterns and goals. Jennis teaches women how to use their monthly hormone cycle as a superpower rather than focusing on the negative symptoms that accompany this. 

Peony Li - Jude

Peony Li founded Jude, a healthcare company that is on a mission to make bladder care more mainstream. Jude was founded as a way to enable women to live their stories to the fullest. A range of daily essentials and treatments have been developed on their mission to put bladder care into the mainstream. Jude also offers bladder care education, products and treatments alongside constantly raising awareness.

Peter Kecskemethy & Tobias Rijken - Kheiron

Peter and Tobias are co-founders of Kherion, an AI cancer diagnostics company based in London. Kheiron’s mission is to give a better fighting chance against cancer and its current focus on breast screening by using their first solution, Mia. Mia is a breast radiology solution that has been designed to help radiologists detect breast cancer earlier and more accurately. Khieron is essentially specialising in cutting edge solutions for healthcare and is transforming both AI and healthcare. 

Laura Mallows - Mallows Beauty

Laura Mallows founded Mallows Beauty after being inspired to start something that portrayed real skin, real bodies and real beauty. They are the ultimate destination for self-love and their aim is to empower and make you glow, inside and out. All of the products are vegan, made in the UK and 5% of profits are donated to mental health charities. The brand ethos revolves around self-love, inclusivity and body positivity. The foundations for Mallows Beauty is to encourage everyone to love themselves for who they are.

Tim Binnington - Manta Healthy Hair Brush

Tim Bennington is founder of Manta, the answer for anyone who wants to keep their hair as healthy as possible. Tim wanted to create a hairbrush that would be as gentle on your hair as running your fingers through it. The Manta brush was formed as a necessity for his wife who had been suffering a severe illness. She needed something kind and gentle for her hair to reduce breakage and so Manta was born. Despite the enormous growth and awards won, Manta has only one brush design which is unlike any other.

Armaan Mehta & Karan Gupta - Odore

Odore, founded by Armaan Mehta and Karan Gupta, is on a mission to revitalise the beauty market, in particular, beauty product sampling. Odore gives brands all of the tools and support that they need to build and run sampling campaigns all in one place. The technology on offer helps brands understand their customers so that they can more effectively target the right person at the right time. 

Jodie Cariss - Self Space

Jodie is the founder and director of Self Space which provides mental health support to the education sector. She saw a gap in the market for mental health support and Self Space took shape in hopes to reduce the stigma and provide adequate education around everything mental health. Self Space provides accessible talking therapy which can be booked through the app in hopes of normalising speaking out about how we feel.

Vesta Boateng - Vesta London Beauty

Vesta London Beauty was founded by Vesta Boateng, and has created a wide range of lip gloss products that help promote diversity at an affordable price - whilst still remaining luxurious! Since launching, Vesta Beauty has sold thousands of products and has been featured in a wide range of publications. The brand’s aim is to help consumers feel flawless, included and empowered all while enhancing their natural beauty.